LIVE LBA – Virtus Bologna vs Germani Brescia, live 4th quarter 33′ timeout

LIVE LBA – Virtus Bologna vs Germani Brescia, live 4th quarter 33′ timeout
LIVE LBA – Virtus Bologna vs Germani Brescia, live 4th quarter 33′ timeout

There Virtus Segafredo Bolognaafter finishing the double week of the EuroLeague with the victory over Olimpia Milano on Tuesday and the defeat at home to Panathinaikos on Friday, also closes the 8th day with the postponement on Monday, hosting the top team in the clash at the top Germani Brescia, which comes from the home victory against Cremona. The winner will be the only leader in Serie A. Where to see it: Monday 20 November 2023 at 8.30 pm, live text on, live streaming on DAZN. Referees: Roberto Begnis, Andrea Bongiorni, Sergio Noce

Live text. Lundberg, Belinelli, Pajola. Smith, Dobric, Mascolo, Cacok, Shengelia, Hackett, Menalo, Dunston, Abass are Banchi’s 12: Mickey and Polonara injured, rest for Cordinier.

4th quarter – Abbas doesn’t score a three, but Lundberg mows down Massinburg who makes the triple, missing the additional free throw 72-66 with 9’16”. Lundberg scores an impossible basket, Dobric gets wrapped up in attack, but Germani also doesn’t take advantage of yet another counterattack. Fifth foul by Christon with 8’12”. Jaleen Smith guesses the bomb; the +11 with 7’41” pushes Magro to timeout.

3rd quarter – Christon enters the match with his first two points, Dunston scores to the basket, Petrucelli ends the 21st minute with 51-48. Christon gets a technician. Belinelli scores the free throw but Della Valle steals the ball and Cobbins scores -2. A second counterattack is wasted, so Dunston scores 1/2 on the line 53-30 with 7’30”. Shengelia comes out the winner from the counter-attack, +5. With 6’46” the Georgian finds two penetrating free throws, scoring both + 7. Cournooh shortens with a triple, with 5’50” he scores the second and goes back to -1. Lundberg defends the lead with a three-point shot, but Bologna loses the serve with an attacking foul 60-56 with 4’52” Gabriel he comes back and commits the fourth and fifth foul in an amen, also risking a technical that arrives on time, with Belinelli sanctioning with the free throw. Shengelia instead scores 1/2, 62-56. Bilan shortens with the hook, Shengelia scores from an attacking rebound with 3’30”. Free for Bilan following a foul by Cacok 1/2. Free for Shengelia 66-59 with 3′ until the siren. Two-three runs for the field they give such thrills, only with 1’42” free for Shengelia 2/2. Lundberg steals the ball from Della Valle, flies on the counterattack, +11 and Magro timeout. Bilan shortens from underneath. Della Valle steals the ball but doesn’t take it from three, Abass leans softly on the rim, but Masinburg with the penetrating buzzer 72-63 at 30′.

2nd quarter – Burnell sends Abass to the 3/3 line, Lundberg shows up with his layup, Pajola concludes a transition thanks to Lundberg’s assist, and with 8’14” coach Magro calls another timeout 33-22. Massinburg’s triple relaunches Brescia , who however suffers in defense with a few too many fouls: Cobbins is also on the bench. Pajola produces two more points; Lundberg affects the Lombard defense for +13, but Magro doesn’t accept it and also gets technical for a contact with one of his players which he didn’t like. Lundberg scores 39-25 with 6’30”. Bilan’s assist in the middle of traffic for Massinburg, who is also entitled to the extra and who in the following action does not miss the tap-in of 39-30 and the timeout of Banchi with 5’59”. On his return one more Juventus lost and the free throws on the foul on the counterattack for Massinburg who scores 1/2. Cacok is in the center of the area to relaunch Segafredo +10, but then in defense he runs out of team bonus. Bilan deposits the new -8 in the 15th minute Smith with two, Burnell with two free throws 43-35 with 3’59”. High defenses, vehement clashes, with 3’12” winning counterattack by Lundberg. Shengelia steals a throw-in, but then gets the shot. Cobbins collects two free throws on the third foul by Hackett, who is not convinced by the whistle but does not transcend, 2 /2. Lundberg goes all the way and scores again +10, but in defense he sends Della Valle to the line with 2’03” 2/2. An attacking foul by Shengelia is an official warning to Banchi. With 1’06” Smith scores, Burnell responds from an offensive rebound. Action with a foul in attack by Shengelia, a bit of a scuffle and a technical foul on the Virtus bench. Della Valle scores the free throw, and Massinburg reaches 17 points in 8′ with 18″ left on the clock. With 0.7″ Dunston goes to the line after taking a good position on the rebound, he scores 0/2 for the 49-44 of the 20th minute. 12 Shengelia, 9 Lundberg; 17 Massingburg, 8 Burnell.

1st quarter – The first two are from Belinelli with 8’48”. Bilan crushes the equalizer, Belinelli responds with a triple. 0-4 signed by Akele and Della Valle, overtaking Shengelia with 6’40” 7-6. Leadership changes: Della Valle for two, Shengelia for three. Petrucelli equalized in the 5th minute at 10. Again the Georgian and Petrucelli made it 12 equal in the 6th minute. Dunston opens a 6-0 lead extended by Belinelli and Shengelia, and Magro calls timeout with 2’13”. But Virtus maintains their inertia, Shengelia puts the additional free throw, and Cacok scores 1/2 on the line. Massinburg with 1′ 43″ returns to feed Germani’s scoreboard, which then sees Gbriel go to the bench with three fouls against him. The omnipresent Shengelia scores the free throws, then Pajola sends Massinburg to the line 2/2 +6 Bologna. Pajola makes up for it by assisting Dobric; in 31″ Burnell, Cacok (dunk) and Massinburg score. At the siren we are 26-20.

– Previous. This is match number 31 between the teams between the championship (26 matches), the Italian Cup (4 matches) and the Super Cup (the 2023 final won by Bologna 97-60). Last season the two teams faced each other in the Frecciarossa Final Eight, won by Germani 84-76.

– The coaches. In addition to the aforementioned Frecciarossa Supercoppa final last September, Luca Banchi and Alessandro Magro met in the 2021/22 season, when the former was on the Pesaro bench. The current Brescia coach is 2-1 ahead overall.

– The curiosity. Marco Belinelli -18 points from 3000 points in Serie A.

The absent. For Virtus Segafredo Bologna Jordan Mickey is out with a sprained ankle; Achille Polonara is out after the removal of a testicular tumor.

– The exes. For Virtus Segafredo Bologna Awudu Abass played two great years (2018/19 and 2019/20) in Brescia, averaging 13.9 points and 4.4 rebounds. For Germani Brescia David Cournooh played in the 2018/19 and 2019/20 years at Virtus, winning the 2019 Basketball Champions League and scoring 4 points in 15.4 minutes per game.

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