Horoscope of the week from September 25th to October 1st

Horoscope of the week from September 25th to October 1st
Horoscope of the week from September 25th to October 1st

Horoscope of the week from September 25th to October 1st

In the next few days we will say goodbye to a month that is passing away and we will welcome another that will take us into the heart of the autumn season with all its many wonders. This also means large movements of the stars. Let’s find out what happens with thehoroscope for the week from September 25th to October 1st.

The sky of next week’s horoscope

In this transition from one month to another, the first large star to change position and therefore energies for the zodiac signs is the brightest of all: the Sun which from the Virgin enters into Balance where he already finds it waiting for him Mars. Let’s say right away that this is excellent news for the air signs who will particularly enjoy a truly amazing start to the week with also the moon in the friendly sign ofAcquarium. So let’s see what to expect, with next week’s horoscope, sign by sign.


Dear Arieswe warned you last week, but now those tips are even more valid: stay calm, do not fall into the temptation to carry on controversies, arguments, spite, revenge plans. The two most powerful stars are doing everything they can to get on your nerves and you aren’t exactly known for your patience. Precisely for this reason you are faced with a sort of maturity test. We are betting on you: armed with good will, you will overcome it.


Dear Bullexcellent time to wear in light at work. The stars of next week’s horoscope see you as brilliant, determined, ready to strike any boss, client, colleague or collaborator with a light of charisma and initiative.


Dear Twins, wonderful news for you from this horoscope for the week from September 25th to October 1st. The power of the Sun and Mars friends there they give you a boost you haven’t had for a long time. You feel as if, after an interminable period in the starting blocks, the start for your race has finally been fired. Now we just have to speed towards the finish line.


Dear Cancer, beware because there are many clouds that gather especially in the relational sphere: family, parents, children, siblings first and foremost. The tension rises and is fueled above all by what is not said, so speak, but above all, in your case, let people speak. Because it seems that important clarifications are still pending and perhaps you are the first ones who don’t want to hear it.


Dear Lion, what about you? Next week’s horoscope sees you going swimmingly. This Venus has given you a truly important period for sentimental matters and for many of you such a long transit meant strengthening and deepening a relationship or making a big decision: cohabitation, marriage, a child, who knows. What is certain is that this new emotional serenity reflects positively on your entire world and gives you a really lucky moment. All you have to do is enjoy it.


Dear Virgin, your birthday season is gone, but as always happens, many gifts from this period are still to be unwrapped. Let’s talk about reap what you have sownof recognitions that come thanks to hard work, of new situations born almost by chance and which now become much more promising.


Dear BalanceFirst of all, best wishes! Your birthday season has finally arrived, the Sun shines very strongly in your sign and together with the fire of Mars it gives you strength, determination and also the ambition to dream big. This week will start in an exceptional way, from Monday to Wednesday you will have a choir of heavenly fans to support your every idea, initiative and undertaking. Take action!


Dear Scorpiothe horoscope for the week from September 25th to October 1st sees you ambushed in the rear, in a perfect position to observe what is happening around you, without attracting attention. This means that you are thinking of developing a strategy to achieve a goal that you are aiming for but which has been making you suffer for a while. You will surely find your way there using your uncommon cunning.


Dear Sagittariusthere’s a bit of confusion in the air, which has been going on for some time now. Next week’s horoscope confirms this fog in which you are moving and which does not even allow you to enjoy your successes. You must regain clarity and find a center and then move accordingly. Sometimes it can help to stop completely and then start again. Find a way, but clarify your ideas.


Dear Capricornthere’s a bit of nervousness in the environment around you. Something is wrong, especially in romantic and family relationships. The best thing to do is always to face certain situations directly, without postponing or ignoring them in order to live peacefully, otherwise you risk them getting worse or, in the best case scenario, spreading out and lasting for a long time. Take charge of the situation and clarify.


Dear Acquarium, after a long period of obstacles, complications and challenges to overcome, next week’s horoscope promises you days in which you will rediscover momentum, strength, enthusiasm and resourcefulness. Use it all, especially in the first days of the week where the Sun, Moon and Mars will watch over your initiatives, a trio that gives you power, conviction and intuition, all gifts to make the most of. After a long forced break in the pits, it’s time to finally get back on track!


Dear Fishthe stars see you sailing calmly on the placid waters of everyday life. You may encounter some difficulties in your relationship as a couple in the next few days, but absolutely nothing to worry about. In the event of small scuffles, use your philosophical detachment, because everything will turn out to be a flash in the pan, for you who suffer it and for whoever stoked it.

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