Ida Platano ‘disfigured’, rude awakening for her: “Found in alarming conditions”

Ida Platano Belligea

Ida Platano “disfigured. We are definitely talking about a very rude awakening for her. And there are those who even found her “in alarming conditions”.

We were waiting for his return in style at Men and women to talk about his present with Alessandro Vicinanza. She, the beautiful one Ida Platano, she came out of famous Canale 5 dating show, hand in hand with the knight. They wanted to live their love story in the open. And throughout the summer they delighted us on social media with many photos of the their holidays around the world.

They also went to Baleri Islands that he has always carried in his heart. And for his forty years they flew to America. They have always appeared united, happy, complicit and super in love. The fact is that the couple has not yet appeared in the studio, at the Court of Maria De Filippi. Moreover the lady was eagerly awaited also because people were whispering about her a new role as a commentator.

It’s a shame that, at least until now, there hasn’t been even a shadow of her. We noticed that she changed her hair look. In fact now he wears them very long and sometimes prefers wavy ones, complete with romantic waves, smooth. From some of his Stories shared on his highly followed Official Instagram Profile it was assumed that she had been in Rome.

Ida Platano, “found in alarming conditions”

However, despite recordings of the broadcast began well before the end of August, she hasn’t been seen on TV yet. On social media she has always remained very active to tell us about her life also from a professional point of view. Work is going swimmingly and she also loves to show herself at work in the her hairdressing salonlocated in the province of Brescia.

The fact is that now the Platano appeared in a completely new way to his many fans, scattered throughout Italy. Many have worried about her and there are even those who have claimed that she is currently in “alarming conditions”. This is the exact statement: “From the video I found it in alarming conditions”. What has happened or is still happening to the splendid lady? The story of the facts.

Ida Platano Belligea

Very serious accusations and insults

Ida in one of his Instagram stories he told of the insults, decidedly very harsh, that he continues to receive. This started happening ever since she got engaged to Alessandro. And now she has even been told that she, as the lady herself revealed, visibly tired and shaken, “you practice the oldest profession in the world”. Other times she was attacked because of his son.

She sometimes appears feisty but one can sense that she is certainly all of it May this malice hurt her and that it also makes her suffer a lot. Her admirers, especially her first-time fans, rallied around her one big virtual hug. They also hope that she will soon feel like returning to TV in another role, given that he has found true love

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