The Last Night of Love: film, plot, where to see it, Favino

It’s easy to say now. There is a movie with Pierfrancesco Favino, we’ll watch this on TV tonight. Everything the Roman actor touches seems to turn into gold. (Apart from when he talks about Italian cinema, there are only pains there, although not completely deserved). But in this case the honors are more than deserved. Why The last night of Lovewhich arrives for the first time tonight on Sky Cinema Uno at 9.15pm (but also on Sky Cinema Suspense at 9.45pm, streaming on Now and on demand), is a film that deserves to be seen.

Director Andrea Di Stefano he directs a strong and engaging metropolitan noir. Which relies on Favino’s great performance. But also on the actors who are next to him. Starting with Francesco Di Levawhich after the success of Nostalgia, returns alongside him in the role of fellow policeman Dino. And also of Linda Caridi (it’s his wife Viviana) e Antonio Gerardi (the shady cousin Cosimo Forcella).

Without forgetting the additional protagonist. That is, the city of Milan. Shown at night as a beautiful, seductive yet deadly place. Some views, some sequences are unforgettable. And they make us wonder why contemporary Italian cinema finds it so difficult to use Milan except as a glossy location.

Everything you need to know about “L’ultima notte di Amore”, the noir with Pierfrancesco Favino that we will not easily forget (press office photo)

The plot of “The Last Night of Love”

It is said of Franco Amore that he is Love in name and in fact. He says about himself that throughout his life he has always tried to be an honest person, a policeman who in 35 years of an honorable career has never shot a man. These are in fact the words that Franco wrote in the speech that he is about to give at the surprise party that friends and family have organized for him. Franco, in fact, is about to lose his mind. The party, however, is abruptly interrupted by a phone call. There was a shooting with deaths. Amore must return to duty for his last night in uniform.

But that night will be longer and more difficult than he could have ever imagined. And he will put in danger everything that matters to him: his job as a state servant, his great love for his wife Viviana, his friendship with his colleague Dino, his very life. On that night, everything comes together frenetically in the streets of a Milan where the light never seems to reach.


The idea of ​​director Andrea Di Stefano

«The idea came in a simple way: I was studying some trial documents with a police officer and he told me that he was sure that there had been officers at that crime scene who had participated in that affair. The idea came to me from there”, reveals director Andrea Di Stefano. Already behind the camera of a film like Escobar (2014) with the Oscar award Benicio Del Toro.


«The fundamental thing for me was to talk about this man, a man who had the ambition to be honest, which however does not mean “being honest”. But then he is faced with another reality of life”, continues the director. Who presented the film, to applause, both at the 2023 Berlin Film Festival and at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. «He must make a choice, a moral compromise that will put his life in crisis. I imagine films and then what I do on set is try to bring those ideas back to life. The work with the actors is fundamental, it is they who make a scene memorable or not.”

The search for adherence to reality is a must for Di Stefano. «We wanted to tell a realistic story of the criminal landscape of Milan. We worked with Dia agents who were very helpful in this. Their description of the Milanese criminal world at the moment is this: criminal gangs of various geographical origins who, in order to make money, do not hesitate to establish surprising relationships.”

The Last Night of Love (2023) by Andrea Di Stefano with Pierfrancesco Favino 1

Milan, the additional character of “L’ultima notte di Amore” (2023) by Andrea Di Stefano with Pierfrancesco Favino (press office photo)

The great interpretation of Pierfrancesco Favino

«It’s a film that keeps you glued to your seat, as happened in the past», claims Pierfrancesco Favino. «It’s pure cinema and doesn’t make you miss the American and French noirs. A film that reappropriates a genre that is no longer made in Italy. A work in which the audience is passionate about the story from beginning to end and would like it to never end.”

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A great performance for Favino. Who was fascinated by this character. «Franco Amore is a common person, one of those policemen we can meet in police stations when we go to renew our passport. He has nothing of the superhero, he is a normal man who finds himself in an exceptional condition. When he allows himself to be convinced to break the rules, he somehow betrays himself and is forced to find a way to get out of the avalanche that crashes down on him, but he doesn’t have the tools to do so, he’s not used to this. All of us at times are both proud of our choices and frustrated with what others think of us. Too often in Italy cunning is mistaken for intelligence and considered a skill, a value, but Franco has always done his duty. Perhaps he tells himself some lies, but his only desire is to maintain the image of himself in which he believes and in which he recognizes himself.”


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