Funeral Toto Cutugno, controversy breaks out: bad gesture by his colleagues

Funeral Toto Cutugno, controversy breaks out: bad gesture by his colleagues
Funeral Toto Cutugno, controversy breaks out: bad gesture by his colleagues

The controversy breaks out after the funeral of Toto Cutugno. The gesture of his colleagues not only did not go unnoticed but was not liked at all.

Toto Cutugno, one of our country’s most loved artists left us a few days ago. The news was leaked on the web and left everyone speechless. Anyway, it was after i funerals that a real storm has also broken out on social media. But for what reason?

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It seems that only they were present at the ceremony very few VIPs and colleagues of the late artist. Many have wondered how it is possible that an artist of the caliber of Toto Cutugno has not been greeted as he deserved by those who should have been his friends and colleagues. It was Pupo who pointed out this aspect.

Funeral Toto Cutugno, the controversy breaks out

Last August 22, 2023 is passed away Toto Cutugno, cKnown by all with this name even if it was called at the registry office Salvatore Cutugno. He was one of the greatest Italian songwriters, composers, lyricists and television host. Toto is estimated to have been one of the most successful Italian musical artists. In any case, when the news of his death leaked on social media in the early hours of the afternoon, all of Italy was completely speechless.

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At the funeral of Toto Cutugno a large crowd of people took part, especially fans who wanted to say their last goodbyes. It did not go unnoticed that there were few VIPs and colleagues present. This is what was pointed out by Pupus, che together to Gianni Morandi they wanted to be there at that moment to say their last goodbyes to their colleague and great friend.

Pupo’s protest

baby he said he was rather sorry and regretful that many colleagues did not want to take part in the funeral of a great artist like Cutugno. “Gianni’s presence at this event is significant. A few colleagues were missing, it’s just the two of us, I was a little sorry”. It was these the words declared by Pupo to However, the singer of Ice cream in chocolate was not limited to this, but also added that in his way of seeing things, especially in recent times, the singer-songwriter has been rather mistreated in our country. The ceremony took place in Milan yesterday, Thursday 24 August and many people wanted to greet him in a rather moving way, that is by singing the song L’italiano as he came out of the coffin.

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