Lives on the edge, the sad end of Joyce del Viscovo: it’s all over for her

Lives on the edge, the sad end of Joyce del Viscovo: it’s all over for her
Lives on the edge, the sad end of Joyce del Viscovo: it’s all over for her
Joyce Del Viscovo before starting the weight loss journey –

Joyce’s story is one of the most tragic that the Real Time program has seen. But what happened to the patient now?

Joyce Del Viscovo is one of many patients who have turned to the Houston cynic to improve their lives. All the paths are told in the American docuseries My 600lb lifetranslated into Italian with the title Lives on the edgebroadcast on Real Time since 2012.

Many people who embark on this important journey manage to achieve their goal, but other people struggle, just like our protagonist Joyce. Who comes to address the doctor Younan Nowzaradan, is in an extreme psychophysical condition. The men and women we see in the show want to go back to leading a normal life, they want to walk normally again and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Joyce was very young when she first consulted a doctor specializing in cardiovascular and bariatric surgery. Her physical health was very compromised, due to excess weight which worsened the condition of the joints and pulmonary respiration year after year.

The girl had come to eat only fast food, sweets and carbonated and sugary drinks, ingesting huge portions for lunch and dinner, without considering the endless snacks consumed throughout the day.

The difficult path

The patient had made the decision to go to Dr. Nowzaradan to get out of the tunnel of food addiction, caused by divorce of his parents when she was a 9 year old girl. Her pain led her to take refuge in food, and since then the situation has deteriorated. At the age of 28 she realized that she had reached the limit, weighing 344kg. As all viewers have noticed, Joyce has always been a very complicated and argumentative patient, as her bad eating habits had become so ingrained that it was difficult to make her change her mind about food.

He had numerous clashes with the doctor, as at each checkup there was no evident progress: Joyce was unable to follow the 1200 kcal diet that the doctor had prescribed. In cases like these, the patient may be removed from the program. That’s exactly what happened to Joyce, expelled from Lives at the Limit due to constant arguments with Nowzaradan, who had repeatedly tried to point out to her that her hostile and uncooperative attitude would not get her very far.

Joyce Del Viscovo in Dr. Nowzaradan’s office –

What is Joyce doing today?

After being kicked off the show, Joyce disappeared completely. There is no more news of her journey, even if many have imagined that she has not continued with the diet that was prescribed to her.

The woman is not registered on any social network, so we cannot know if she has relapsed into her bad habits or tried to improve herself. It cannot be excluded that unfortunately she may also have had a bad end, given that at the time of the program she already had some organs compromised due to excessive weight, and Dr. Nowzaradan had warned her that by continuing to eat junk food and lots of other treats during the day, it wouldn’t go far.

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