Taylor Swift Milan tickets, beware of the scam

Taylor Swift Milan tickets, beware of the scam
Taylor Swift Milan tickets, beware of the scam

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour will be one of the most important live events of 2024, but also a huge opportunity for scammers to make a lot of money: here’s what to watch out for

One of the most anticipated live events of 2024 (yes, 2024…) is the return of Taylor Swift in Italy: the American singer-songwriter will perform at Milanat the San Siro stadium, the July 13, 2024. The news of the Milan stage of theTaylor Swift’s Eras Tour it sent fans into raptures, who immediately took action to buy tickets, the cost of which is not yet known (Le Figaro hypothesizes figures between 70 and 245 euros).

There ticket sales process is fully online and has already started with a sort of “pre selection“: would-be buyers have entered their email address in a special form on the platform that will sell the tickets, in the hope of being selected for purchase. This procedure lasted a couple of days and was officially closed on Friday 23 June at 23:59 Italian.

From then on, however, a great danger for fans of the singer: that of online scammers who, inevitably, in the next 12 months will do everything and more to take advantage of this musical event to score their hits.

Taylor Swift Tickets: Expected Scams

Proofpoint, a company specializing in computer security solutions, has sounded the alarm about possible scam attempts. According to the Californian company, in fact, given the very high demand for tickets from fans i scammers they will rush headlong to take advantage of this great opportunity for illegal profitthrough various techniques of “social engineering, including smishing, phishing, and telephone-based attack methods (TOAD)“.

Indeed, the procedure implemented by the ticket sales platform will perhaps be able to keep the touts at bay, but it will do nothing against the scammers.

The selected ones will be sent a unique code by 17:00 on 12 July 2023, with which it will be possible to try to buy up to a maximum of 4 tickets starting from 12:00 on 13 July. In fact, therefore, from 12:01 on 13 July someone will be able to start saying they have one or more tickets for the Taylor Swift concert in Milan in 2024 and, consequently, will also be able to try to defraud those who would like those tickets, but were unable to get them.

But that’s not all: those who are not selected to purchase will still enter one waiting list because not all selected will accept the sale price, so seats will become free and someone could say they want to give up the purchase option upon payment of an amount. In short, there will be several possible scams, so you have to keep your eyes very open.

Taylor Swift tickets: what not to do

Does not exist no steps to buy Taylor Swift tickets alternative to the one just described, and knowing it is already a defense against the first and crudest attempts at scam: anyone who asks for money for “facilitate” the purchase or, even, for a ticket before the sale is clearly lying: until July 13, the prices will not even be known.

Anyone e-mailanyone SMSany message Whatsappanyone phone call relating to the purchase of tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour 2024 in Milan should be considered an attempt to scam.

Taylor Swift Tickets: The Scalpers Question

Finally, there is a further possibility to consider: after July 13 someone will actually have tickets in hand and could try to resell them at a higher price.

It is the phenomenon ofsecondary ticketing” or, as we have always called it in Italy, del scalping. There is specific legislation to combat this phenomenon, but there are also websites that specialize in circumventing it and in selling concert tickets to exorbitant prices.

A phenomenon so widespread, so risky but also so difficult to counter that last year i Coldplay they launched an appeal: “Do not buy tickets outside the official circuits, you risk being scammed“.

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