Fabrizio Corona’s ex ends up in hospital

Fabrizio Corona’s ex ends up in hospital
Fabrizio Corona’s ex ends up in hospital

Nina Moric appears on social media like this: attached to a drip, fans don’t understand what happened to Fabrizio Corona’s ex

In recent years, however, attendance is seen as a commission, but there was a period in which Nina Moric had great success: the model not only posted for many advertising campaigns, but was also often a guest on television. She is also famous with her relationship with the king of the paparazzi: Fabrizio Corona. From their reaction, her only son was born: Carlos. The history between the two was very troubled. There were many court meetings, but in the end they decided to lay down the hatchet so that we could all be together as a big extended family.

Not many years ago, Nina was always present in Barbara d’Urso’s television living rooms. Before her, the model had introduced her boyfriend, Luigi Mario Favoloso who, once he entered the Big Brother house, had approached a competitor making Moric very angry. Her phrase ‘a pure blood never competes with ponies’ has become iconic and can still be read on social media today. Between the two, the relationship ended in the worst way: allegations of domestic violence led the exes to meet in court.

Nina Moric ends up in hospital: fans are worried

There has been a lot of discussion about these accusations that Moric launched after the separation, but only a few weeks ago, the two seem to have met again for the first time in court. Nina is not so active on social media, but surely some of her stories do not go unnoticed like the one in which she unexpectedly finds herself in the hospital.

Nina posts this story causing fans to worry

The reason for this hospitalization is not yet known, but from what Nina writes it can be understood that she has to ‘recharge her batteries’. Obviously for her followers it was surprising to find her out of the blue with an IV in a hospital bed. All fans hope that Moric has nothing serious and that she can get back on her feet as soon as possible. We too wish him to recover his strength and energy to be able to spend a beautiful summer in the company of his son Carlos, perhaps also with Fabrizio Corona and his partner, as they have been used to doing for some years now. For now he has not yet explained in detail what happened, but being able to imagine, we assume that he will explain first then.

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