Damiano of Måneskin naked on Instagram unleashes (also) criticism

Damiano of Måneskin naked on Instagram unleashes (also) criticism
Damiano of Måneskin naked on Instagram unleashes (also) criticism

To celebrate the end of the Loud Kids Tour, the long European tour of Maneskin, Damian David he posted on Instagram a shot in which he shows himself fully nakedhis private parts covered by a black heart, while seated on a bed smoking a joint: «Tour finished: it means that I’ll be naked smoking weed all day», the caption accompanying the image. Words that evoke the controversy of which the singer was the protagonist at Eurovision 2021during which it was wrongly accused of using drugs (also live).

As expected, the naked shot has unleashed (and divided) the social world: while someone ironically asked Damiano to remove the heart from his private parts, and someone else has praised the “artistic photo” and the physique of the singer, others did not spare him criticisms. For example, there are those who called him an “exhibitionist” and those who let him know that his social nudes “are boring”. Among the comments the broadside Of Lazza, Damiano’s friend: «You’re always ca*** in the air oh». Words that some have taken as a joke, others less so. Among these, perhaps, Damiano himself who neither replied to his colleague nor gave him a like. Hence, the gossip hypothesis: there would be some tension between the two.

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True or not, it is not the first time that Damiano she shows herself without veils on Instagram. For example, she did it last Januaryto announce the release of the single Gossip. And even then he had divided the people of social networks. “Brother, Blink did these things 25 years ago,” a user commented, starting the controversy. «But in fact they do the bad copy of the big stars, it is now established », replied another follower. «Between smashing guitars and posing half-naked, the concept is that these so revolutionary Maneskin lately they are copying 30-40 year old stuff. It suggests that they have run out of ideas a bit, that’s all », reiterated a third user. Of course, most Måneskin fans sided with their idols, defending their musical choices («They don’t copy, they are inspired, and they have no problem declaring who their artist-muses are”) and attacking – if anything – the star system: “I’m not short of ideas. The market has incorporated them very well and the money does the rest. Too young to resist this.”

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