“It has been a nice trip”

“It has been a nice trip”
“It has been a nice trip”

There first episode of the evening of Amici 22 saw theelimination of Megan Ria And NDG. There dancer and singer of the team led by Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo they lost in their respective ballots and were forced out of the popular for good Maria De Filippi’s talent show.

Megan and NDG deleted from Friends 22

Megan and NDG are the first two students eliminated from Amici 22 Evening! The beautiful and good dancer has lost in the run-off against Cricca and Maddalena Svevi and was forced to drop out of the studio. A’elimination who displaced everyone and destabilized her boyfriend Gianmarco Petrelli, who couldn’t hold back the tears. The presenter took care of consoling the dancer:

I know that for you having arrived at the Evening is an important thing. Going out now I know you’re sorry, but I know that the spirit with which you entered was to learn, to take lessons, to grow, to learn everything you weren’t able to do at home. You’ve changed so much since you came in, I don’t know if you’re aware of this.

After MeganAlso NDG was forced to drop out of Amici’s school. The singer of the team led by Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo received the result of the final ballot in the house together with Fedeica and her schoolmates. To reveal the name of second eliminated of the evening was Maria DeFilippi:

I knew it! This place gave me the strength to start over. I regained my self-confidence. I understood so much in here, I grew up. Today I freed myself a lot, I showed the emotional part of me and the show part. I gave everything. It was an absurd journey made up of continuous ups and downs. It was a nice trip, I’m proud of myself. I’m happy.

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We recall that with theelimination of Megan and NDGthe boys still in the race at Evening I am: Maddalena, Samu, Cricca, Angelina for the team captained by Lorella Cuccarini and Emanuel Lo; for the team Zerbi-Celentano: Aaron, Piccolo G, Isobel, Ramon and Gianmarco; for the team of Raimondo Todaro and Arisa: Wax, Federica, Mattia and Alessio.

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