“I’m not here to argue” – Tell Her

“I’m not here to argue” – Tell Her
“I’m not here to argue” – Tell Her

The Evening of Friends 22 it started with a bang, as was to be expected. Each episode sees the performance of Maria De Filippi’s talents at the center, committed to conquering the coveted title, but there is no lack of question and answer between Profs, ready to defend their reasons and “bring grist to their mill”. Expression used by one of the eagerly awaited judges of this new evening, Cristiano Malgiogliowho could not resist the words of Alessandra Celentano. With two characters so “fumantini”, the clash is served.

Evening of “Amici”, is a clash between Cristiano Malgioglio and Celentano

For the new edition of the Evening of Friends, Maria De Filippi has chosen to revolutionize not only the teams of teachers and the rules for eliminating students, but also the judging panel which has been well received by fans of the talent show. This year to try their hand at the role are the singer Michele Bravi, the dancer and choreographer Giuseppe Giofrè and Cristiano Malgioglio, author of songs that have made the history of Italian music. And it’s not much.

Malgioglio himself chose the envelope to decree the start of the first challenge: they were the ones who collided Isobel of the Zerbi-Celentano team and Maddalena of the Lo-Cuccarini team, in a gauntlet that had already created some havoc in the cottage. The reason? According to many, the heels competition (or dance on heels) would have been unequal between the two dancers. Tensions were not lacking in the studio but, surprisingly, there spark ignited between the historian Prof Alessandra Celentano and the new judge Cristiano Malgioglio.

The Cele, as it is called by the boys (and by Maria), has used stinging words against the pupil Maddalena, calling her a “cat” in the presence of her dancer Isobel and did not miss an opportunity to reiterate the concept in the episode. After the performance, the tones became even more heated due to the decision of Malgioglio who, contrary to what was done by Bravi and Giofrè, decided to give his vote to Maddalena: “she was much more sensual – she said loudly voice-. This cat will soon become a tiger, a she-wolf!”.

Needless to say, Maestra Celentano did not like this choice at all and the discussion would have dragged on if it weren’t for Malgioglio’s piqued comment: “I didn’t come here to argue today!”, he said without hesitation. Lite returned, at least for the moment.

Malgioglio’s words of encouragement for the pupils

Cristiano Malgioglio is a much loved character in show business and music, but what makes him truly great – in addition to the many incredible successes collected in 40-year career – is his great humanity. A quality that he has never lost and that he never missed an opportunity to share with the students of Friendsengaged in one of the most important challenges of their young lives.

“I remember when I started, that everyone rejected me – he said, addressing Maria’s talents -. You guys, on the other hand, have to say ‘I have to do it’. How many doors have they closed in my face and look where I have arrived“. Words of encouragement which, in the midst of the usual piqued clashes between Profs, were a nice (albeit brief) breath of fresh air.

Evening of “Amici 22”, Megan is the first eliminated

One of the certainties of the Evening of Friends 22 is that, from episode to episode, there are direct eliminations of at least two students. The first to leave Maria De Filippi’s talent was the dancer Megan, after a challenge with Cricca and Maddalena. A’leaving the scene filled with sadness but also with joywith the awareness of having had a unique opportunity.

“I know that for you, having arrived at the Evening is an important thing – Maria De Filippi told her, with the sweetness that always distinguishes her -. Going out now I know you’re sorry, but I know that the spirit with which you entered was to learn, to take lessons, to grow, to learn everything you weren’t able to do at home. You’ve changed so much since you came inI don’t know if you are aware of this”. Then a big surprise: Megan was awarded a scholarship to one of the most prestigious dance schools in New York.

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