the confession about the partner – Tell Her

the confession about the partner – Tell Her
the confession about the partner – Tell Her

Elenoire Casalegno is in love and does not hide it. Or rather, Silvia Toffanin a very true – with the complicity of her friend Samantha de Grenet – she managed to snatch a small confession from the presenter about her relationship, which she managed to keep top secret, indiscretions aside. It’s a happy time for the beautiful Elenoire, who has very clear ideas about marriage.

Elenoire Casalegno in love, the confession to “Verissimo”

The “double” interview a very true it was above all an occasion to celebrate the ten-year friendship between Elenoire Casalegno and Samantha de Grenet, much loved faces from the entertainment world, strong and beautiful women and super mothers. The two presenters share a passion for the small screen and an intimate and special all-round relationship. Also regarding love and private life.

Precisely on this “sore point” the landlady, Silvia Toffanin, wanted to focus her attention and, despite the reticence of the splendid Elenoire, she managed to glean some more information about her new partner. Or rather, it was de Grenet who spoke about her in her place, who used wonderful words for the man of mystery: “The person who is next to Elenoire at this moment is one of those people you fall in love with at first sight, one of those who give you serenity, who are respectable, delicate people. He managed to conquer Elenoire slowly ”.

In total embarrassment, then, Casalegno added another small detail regarding her new love story which, in reality, is not so fresh: the couple have been together for about a year and, by the will of both, has chosen to keep this relationship away from the gossip pages.

Who is Elenoire Casalegno’s new boyfriend

A gossip-proof love, but not entirely. A few months ago in the weekly Who the news of Elenoire Casalegno’s new love story had peeped out and the director, Alfonso Signorini, had managed to provide us with some details on theidentity of the mysterious knight.

The stolen shots had immortalized her with a man named Alessandro, between accomplice smiles and romantic looks, a man who courted her with gallantry and elegance, finally managing to break through her heart that once belonged to DJ Ringo, father of the his beautiful daughter Swami. Event organizer at the Milan Club, aimed at Rossoneri fans, Alessandro would be the nephew of Mario Corsowell-known and beloved face of Italian sport, as well as a legendary Inter player who remained in the history of football thanks to his exploits in the 1960s.

Elenoire Casalegno, what do you think of marriage

Casalegno did not confirm the identity of her new love “spoiled” by Who, but still has clear ideas regarding marriage. The presenter is already been married to Sebastiano Lombardiwith whom she got married in 2014 and then separated after three years and, at least for the moment, excludes the possibility of an encore: “I’m not against the marriages of others – she said to Silvia Toffanin – (…), for when it comes to me I’ve learned to say ‘never say never’ but for now no, it’s honestly not my priority”.

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