Who is Fabio Adami? Age, Parietti boyfriend, private life and children

Who is Fabio Adami? Age, Parietti boyfriend, private life and children
Who is Fabio Adami? Age, Parietti boyfriend, private life and children

As for Alba Parietti’s new partner, Fabio Adami, let’s take a closer look at his age, his relationship with Parietti and his private life.

Alba Parietti recently announced her engagement to Fabio Adami. Who is Fabio Adami?

Fabio Adami was born in 1967 in Rome and is the individual who has won the affection of Parietti. In his professional life, Adami works as commercial director of Poste Italiane, a role completely unrelated to the world of entertainment, unlike that of Alba.

What is Fabio Adami’s private life?

Fabio Adami, separated parent of two children, one of whom is a newborn, lives in Rome and is passionate about paddle.

Details of his relationship with Alba Parietti have been kept largely under wraps from the public. Alba Parietti has already commented on the matter.

I can confirm that I am engaged, but would like to respect my partner’s desire for privacy.

Adami is six years younger than Alba Parietti.

Parietti then specified:

My partner is employed and has a sensitive private matter involving her children and personal affairs which needs to be handled carefully. It’s acceptable for people to know about my business, but I don’t feel like divulging more information through interviews and details.

Alba facilitated the meeting between Fabio and his son.

Who is Alba Parietti?

This profile offers the opportunity to learn more about Alba Parietti.

Name: Alba Parietti
Date of birth: July 2, 1961.
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Profession: Actress, Showgirl
Qualifications: Artistic high school diploma
Place of origin: Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Height: 177cm
Weight: 57kg

The past romantic relationships of Fabio Adami and Parietti

Throughout her life, Parietti has experienced several cases of romantic love.

In 1981 Alba Parietti married the actor Franco Oppini, with whom she had a son, Francesco Oppini, born on April 6, 1982. Parietti also had affairs with Stefano Bonaga and Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea, as well as a flirtation with the French actor Christofer Lamber.

Maurizio Salvadori and Cristiano De André experienced an intense and powerful physical attraction.

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