Angela Brambati age, illness, husband, children, where she lives, agritourism, what it was like: all about her

Who is Angela Brambati – photo by Ansa Newsby

Angela Brambati, known to all as the brunette of Ricchi e Poveri is about to make her debut as a judge of The Voice senior together with my colleague and lifelong friend Angelo. The two accepted the proposal received, they took the place of Orietta Berti who is currently a commentator on GFVIP7, but who will return to Rai next season. Angela has been riding the wave of success for many years, together with Ricchi e Poveri she has achieved hits that are still known to all today.

From It will be because I love you to What will be but also Mother Mary and many others the Ricchi e Poveri are the interpreters of current and contemporary evergreen pieces. After being guests at Saremo to pay homage to the 50th anniversary of their career, Angela Brambati and Angelo Sotgiu remained two, their lifelong partner Franco Gatti passed away a few months ago, even if he had left the group a few years ago following his death premature of the child. Originally there were 4 Ricchi e Poveri, with Angela, Angelo and Franco there was also Marina Occhiena who at a certain point was removed from the group.

Who is Angela Brambati – photo by Ansa Newsby

Angela Brambati artist and mother present

Angela Brambati was born in 1947, she’s 75 years old, and her sign is Libra: her birthday is October 20th. Very young she married Marcello Brocherel, and their son Luca was born in 1976. Angela’s marriage lasted only a few years, it ended following a betrayal that was sensational. In 1981, shortly before Angela, together with Ricchi e Poveri performed on stage in Sanremo, she found her husband and her friend Marina in bed together. It was tough for her such a blow that later Occhiena was removed from the group and Angela asked for a divorce.

Rich and Poor tv
Rich and Poor judges The Voice Senior- Photo: Ansa Newsby

Angela Brambati, illness: “It left me with great pain”

In 2020 Angela Brambati contracted Covid, but not lightly. In fact, the artist revealed that she had had significant side effects and that overcoming the pathological phase was not easy: “He left me a big one pain and 8 extra kilos, after Covid I started to gain weight ”. Today Angela is satisfied with the professional career she has had and with the love she has received from the many fans, even from a private point of view she considers herself very lucky.

Guest of Sunday into to talk about future professional commitments, Angela took stock of her experience: “I had a lot and a little at the same time but I’m satisfied, I’m happy.” The singer does not deny that she has been a workaholic, that she has dedicated so much time to her work, but then when she performs she is deeply satisfied and all doubts and uncertainties disappear.

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