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On Thursday, December 8, the first 3 out of six episodes of the first season of the first season were released on Prime Video The Bad Guythe Italian Amazon Original TV series starring the very good Louis LoCascio (The one hundred Steps And The best youth to mention his best-known films).

Having had the good fortune to watch the first three episodes in preview, we can say – without much fear of being proven wrong – that with The Bad Guyafter Bang Bang Baby And Prism, Amazon Prime Video has produced another little gem made in Italy. So if you are curious about whether The Bad Guy is the right series for you, continue reading this review, starting with the summary without spoilers of the plot.

What is The Bad Guy about

In the first scene, as it resonates White flag by Franco Battiato, we hear an explosion, we see rubble falling (sacrilege!) into a sea urchin and we hear a man scream, before we see him, our Lo Cascio, doing push-ups with long hair, in shorts and a T-shirt in a house that seems abandoned.

And immediately afterwards we understand what is happening: outside the house overlooking the sea there is a team of ROS agents who are trying to enter the building, and the previous explosion was a mine that took off one of the agents’ foot. From the barracks they ask the commander for an explanation, who tells what happened and then turns to Lo Cascio, calling him Balduccio Remora and saying that “I know who you really are, you know who I am, I’ll give you five, actually ten seconds and then I’ll enter , and if another mine explodes, know that your sister will lose it”. Short gasp from Lo Cascio, who then begins to explain.

His true identity is not that of Balduccio Remora, a fugitive mafia boss, but that of Nino Scotellaro, a judge who fought against the mafia but who, after being framed and accused of being a mafia, decided to become the one they accused him of. to be, or rather “the bad guy”, the bad one.

And then flashback to eight years earlier, when Judge Scotellaro is trying to find and capture Mariano Suro, the boss of bosses, instigator of hundreds of murders including that of Judge Bray, father of Luvi Bray, wife of Scotellaro and lawyer of not exactly transparent politicians. Nino is the classic “rebel” investigator, with his particular methods, his arrogance, and his investigative flair that is not affected by chronic rhinitis.

Thanks to his methods, he learns from another boss in prison where Suro’s warehouse is located, and Nino sends his sister Leonarda, an agent of the ROS, to let us in a camera from which to find out what’s in that building. An operation to capture Mariano Suro then starts, but when it fails, Nino will call a press conference to say that “either Suro has ass, or he has superpowers, or someone warns him every time we’re about to capture him”.

Except that, a few days later, his sister is listening to wiretaps and discovers that several mafia bosses speak of his brother as a man on the payroll of the Cosa Nostra. And, incredibly, Nino is arrested. We stop here not to spoil, inviting you to watch the trailer of The Bad Guy.

Because you can’t miss The Bad Guy

Yes that’s right, as in Bang Bang Baby also in The Bad Guy the underlying theme, the underworld, is a classic of Italian fiction: in short, Amazon has played it quite safe, has not risked much with this series.

But there is a way and a way to make films and TV series about the mafia, and a way to The Bad Guy is the right one in many ways. First of all for the originality of the story, set in an Italy that is in some respects “alternative” (the bridge over the Strait of Messina is a reality) but for others – which we are not going to spoil – sadly familiar.

And so, as in the great American mafia films, we find ourselves siding with a criminal, albeit a sui generis one, comforted by the fact that the criminal in question nonetheless retains the morals and ethics of his previous life. And even if it is strange to think of Peppino Impastato playing the role of a boss, Lo Cascio cannot be recognized as another extraordinary performance as an actor.

And let it be clear, it is not only Lo Cascio who provides an exceptional performance, because the whole cast is at very high levels: Claudia Pandolfi (Luvi) is poignant, Selene Caramazza (Leonarda) is exhilarating, Vincenzo Pirrotta (Salvatore Tracina) is magnetic , and so on up to the minor characters (and we can’t wait to discover the new characters in the final three installments that will be released on December 15th).

In short, the series created and written by Ludovica Rampoldi, Davide Serino and Giuseppe G. Stasi and directed by Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe G. Stasi is a real pearl, in which adrenaline and irony alternate and mix, drama and action, love and vendetta. A compelling story, whose epilogue we’re eager to see, and while we’re at it, we’d like to make a “proposition you can’t refuse” to Prime Video: give us at least a second season of The Bad Guy and no one will get hurt…

Score: 9

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