Curiosity about who is Alex Di Giorgio? Age, boyfriend, height, career and Dancing with the Stars

Curiosity about who is Alex Di Giorgio? Age, boyfriend, height, career and Dancing with the Stars
Curiosity about who is Alex Di Giorgio? Age, boyfriend, height, career and Dancing with the Stars

Former Olympian Alex Di Giorgio will be the first openly gay contestant to pair with another openly gay man on Dancing with the Stars, which is why he’s asked Moreno Porcu as a dance partner. Milly Carlucci, host of the show, said that Di Giorgio’s appearance in the program is an attempt to send a message and encourage people to live their sexuality freely.

Who is Alex Di Giorgio, the new champion who will be one of the competitors in this edition of Dancing with the Stars

Professional swimmer Alex Di Giorgio is 32 years old, was born in Rome and is a swimming champion who competed for the Italian national team as a freestyle specialist. He finished tenth at the London 2012 Olympic Games and ninth at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games. In his career, Alex won 35 medals at the Italian championships, 14 of which were gold. He has been openly gay throughout his swimming career, but due to discrimination from some fellow athletes, he has had difficulty finding sponsorship opportunities.

The Olympic athlete revealed this issue on his social profiles:

“Unfortunately this is the case and not only in the races. I could write a whole book about this, but I’ll stop there.”

In September 2020, Alex Di Giorgio was forced to withdraw from the Italy national team and from swimming competitions in general after testing positive for ostarine in a doping test. His appeal to the Court of Appeal bore fruit, albeit partial, as the disqualification was reduced to 3 months. (I) it should be remembered that Alex Di Giorgio also had to deal with justice on another occasion: when he was engaged to the former tronista of Men and Women, Ivano Marino. The latter was then sentenced between 2013 and 2014 to one year and two months in prison for the crimes of stalking, impersonation and defamation.

In a relationship with Alex Di Giorgio, Ivano Marino harassed the latter for months and threatened to denounce him as a homosexual. In response to this situation, ex-boyfriend Ivano Marino published a note stating the following:

“Never used persecutory attitudes: I can confirm the existence of a sentimental relationship with Alex Di Giorgio lasting a year and a half.

And subsequently, a relationship that resulted in a coexistence in Rome with Marco Carta in his home, but I reiterate with equal firmness that I have never engaged in behaviors comparable to the crime of stalking, or any other crime.

What is charged to me is not in my style. I consider myself a balanced person and respectful of others in general. I am sure that in the first instance we will be able to shed light on the events”.

As for the world of entertainment, Alex Di Giorgio was courted for two years by Alfonso Signorini, who wanted him as a competitor in the Big Brother Vip house. But Di Giorgio has chosen to participate in this edition of Dancing with the Stars.

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