Branko’s June 23, 2024 horoscope

ARIES Many phenomena in the sky of this hot weekend, but the most beautiful vision is you – desired and loved – despite your nervous behavior. The Full Moon is born in Capricorn, it also involves the people you are in contact with for work and business in a frenetic pace. It is an important test of your patience, persistence, self-control. If love broke out under this sky, it would mean that it was no longer possible to move forward. Better to turn around and wait for the next astral conjunctions… The fate of the loves that blossom now is different, they could have a future.


TAURUS Now that’s a midsummer night’s dream! Full moon still in Capricorn, second day of passions and encounters, which also arise during trips abroad, given the aspect that is also formed with Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. Never been so international as now! New love affairs are also very passionate, fiery for the burning Mars in your sky. Your emotional life, social gatherings, occasions for parties and meetings will also be present in the next few days, but we invite you to follow business matters, don’t miss out on a profit.


GEMINI Your fragile bones ask for iron and phosphorus, also check your blood pressure. However, this increase in love passion is beautiful, thanks also today to the powerful Full Moon in Capricorn, a sign that affects your will to action and also makes you more sure of yourself when it comes to conquering and loving. But what do you have to envy about Brad Pitt, Gemini like you? You will return from the weekend properly energized to immediately throw yourself into a new commercial, professional and financial venture. Lovers: if it is written in destiny…


CANCER The Sun is in the sign in the month of the birthday and it is always an auspicious event, life resumes. But the news depends on the position of the planets that directly influence the path. This year, a great birthday, even when a full moon like this one appears. However, it is always a beautiful proof of love, resourcefulness and recovery. Once again love is compelling, exhilarating, today’s encounters open a new love novel. You could get married as early as this summer. The presence of so many people confirms that you have a special event at home.


LEO You have to believe it: you are affected by planetary transits that occur years later, the situation that you all experience is unique and must be lived to the fullest! However, come down from the throne for a moment, get lost among the people on the streets of the world, fortune must be sought, chased, one must fight for it, especially in love, the full moon leads lonely people in the right direction, the young Leos count on better conditions to create a life together, a family, children. Jupiter, or Zeus of Olympus, favors new births.


VIRGO I love you. If you have been in love, recently or for a long time, Venus reopens the dialogue and the emotional impulse, sensuality allows you to close certain discussions that have been dragging on for some time, Taurus Mars is doing an excellent job… You who are alone, welcome to the magic of the Moon full in Capricorn, it explodes in all its passionate beauty, but it is clear that the influence is felt

even a few days later. In a month, in a year, you will be in another place, with other people, even in terms of work, get ready.


LIBRA Happy Sunday under the protection of Mars in Taurus, a volcano that explodes by surprise, so it is not possible to say precisely where it could trigger but it is certainly the influence that can open a new adventure, a new story… Libra is thirsty for ‘love… Her nature is like this, she was born to love and to make another human being happy. If there has been some disappointment, she does not get discouraged, she resumes the search, the waiting begins… Full moon is not so bad if she keeps a dream alive.


SCORPIO Sunday presents itself as very fascinating for social encounters, very sensual for love, thanks to the magnificent Full Moon that illuminates you directly from your dear friend Capricorn. It is not only she who affects your happiness, who participates in your search for love, even just a love for one night, but if you really desire the famous soul mate, you have to leave, get away from the usual place and the usual people, feel free to act and to make new friends, not over the phone, but by introducing yourself in person. Scented like savages…


SAGITTARIUS The stars are more stars if you look at them together. But love life, the couple’s relationship in general, which still has gaps caused by the planets in Gemini, is always missing something. Time, occasion, environment, music, atmosphere, restaurant… But it’s all a question of self-control, you can still carry on with your projects and love as you like. You have the ability to invent stories and end relationships that you no longer like without thinking too much, welcome everything new that begins to arrive in your life.


CAPRICORN “As far away as your eyes, you came from the sea…”. Verses by Alfonso Gatto as a tribute to the Capricorn woman, queen of Sunday thanks to the Full Moon event in the sign, also auspicious for male natives. Obviously the prince in this horoscope is represented by Mars in Taurus, a charming knight, who advances confident of winning this battle of love. These stars are precious for those who need to recover after a disappointment, you have the opportunity to make a profound change even in the practical field. Return trips, be careful.


AQUARIUS As we announced at the beginning of June, the month requires some more effort in the family and at work, due to the pressure of Mars-Uranus in Taurus. It’s just a matter of doing everything in a calm and reasoned way. Very happy encounters are also expected tomorrow when the first summer Moon will arrive in your sign and will flood you with passion. A trip is protected by Jupiter, it helps to create romantic atmospheres and very exciting encounters. With Venus you will also earn a lot of money.


PISCES Ruled by Neptune, a privilege that you don’t always know how to exploit, not even at work. Now, however, commit yourself deeply because the first part of your summer is as big as a blue sea.

Since traveling is also stimulating for your health, move to the seaside areas, and to the islands, in Calabria – your astral land. Here you could fully experience the magic of the Full Moon which has the strength to reawaken an old love and bring about a new one. Fortune.

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