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Françoise Hardy, a French singer who became famous throughout the world in the 1960s and contributed to the construction of the aesthetics of pop culture of that period, died on Tuesday at the age of 80. Her death was announced on her social networks by her son Thomas Dutronc, born from Hardy’s relationship with the French singer and actor Jacques Dutronc.

Hardy was born in Paris on January 17, 1944 and began playing the guitar after receiving it as a gift when she was eighteen and taught herself to play. In 1962, after an initial 45, she recorded a love song that would become the most famous of her entire career, “Tous les garçons et les filles”. Hardy sang it for the first time on television on 28 October of that year, while the French were following the updates on the referendum for the direct election of the President of the Republic: it was a success, it ended up selling more than two million copies in total the world by making his style of sentimental songs famous, then much imitated.

In 1963 Hardy took part in the Eurovision Song Contest (what is now the Eurovision Song Contest) with “L’amour s’en va”, came fifth and in November of that year she sang for the first time at the Olympia, a historic theater in Paris.

In 1965 he sang at the Savoy Hotel in London taking part in the so-called period Swinging London: met the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, wore Mary Quant’s miniskirts and her songAll Over the World” remained in the UK charts for 15 weeks. In 1967 he decided to found his own record label (Asparagus). He released several albums, in France and abroad, singing very successful songs not only in French, but also in English, Italian, Spanish and German.

In 1968, her manager proposed that she stop touring for a year, so she could dedicate herself to writing new songs and making new recordings. She transformed this suspension from temporary to definitive by deciding to retire from the stage and no longer hold live concerts.

In the meantime she had very famous suitors: Bob Dylan (who composed a poem for her: For Françoise Hardy at the Seine’s Edge), Mick Jagger (who in an interview defined her as his “femme ideal”) and David Bowie. She collaborated with Serge Gainsbourg and Iggy Pop.

In 1966 he also took part in the Sanremo Festival (singing with Edoardo Vianello) and sang “La maison où j’ai grandi”, a cover of “Ilboyo della via Gluck” by Adriano Celentano. In 1981 she got married in Corsica to the singer-songwriter Jacques Dutronc and she told her life story in a book: Le désespoir des singes… et autres trifles. She also acted in several films: among others, The male and the female by Jean-Luc Godard, Grand Prix by John Frankenheimer, I wonder if I would do it again by Claude Lelouch.

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