«I did these things when I was 12»

Prank call by Fedez to Matteo Salvini, shortly after the official results of the European elections. In the video, which quickly went viral, the rapper first hangs up and then calls back: «Sorry, I got the call! But how did it go? Good, come on…”. The prank took place during a live Twitch broadcast with «Il Rosso».

In a joking tone, Fedez suggests calling the minister. «Shall we call Salvini?», asks Fedez to his friends and adds: «He will never answer anyway». Contrary to expectations, Salvini answers and the rapper immediately hangs up, causing great laughter among the friends present. Not happy, Fedez calls back: «Sorry, I the call went out!”, the rapper begins with a certain confidence, taking off the speakerphone, before asking the elections minister: “But how did it go? Good, come on…”.

The relationship between Fedez and Matteo Salvini has never been idyllic, they often had divergent opinions and never failed to publicly express their hostility. It is enough to remember Fedez’s attack during the May Day Concert of 2021, when he accused the League of hindering the Zan bill, or when he mocked Salvini on social media in the case of the famous “Excuse me, do you deal?” on the intercom.

Salvini’s reactions

Salvini tells the joke during a Facebook live broadcast. Replying to a young connected person who asks him for his assessment of the Milanese rapper, Ferragni’s ex, he says: «I even like some songs, I know he doesn’t particularly love me, but yesterday he played a joke on me, I didn’t even think it was a joke , I was with my partner, with Francesca – he reveals – it was around 11-11.30 in the evening, I see my cell phone ringing and I read Fedez, I answer, maybe by that time he would have had a problem, I think, and he tells me sorry, I must have received a phone call….

«I – he says – greet him and ask him How are youthen I’ll tell him Come on, let’s meet for a coffee”». «And today I discover that it was a prank call, I used to play pranks like that when I was 12 years old, when there was a telephone that you had to turn with your finger, then you made a raspberry and threw down… at 40 years old the time prank calls are over.” «A silly joke – he comments – given that you call me at 11.30 in the evening. The great Charlie Chaplin, however, said that a day without smiling is a day wasted… A big kiss to Fedez.” Salvini still remains on the musical side for a while. And then it’s Vasco Rossi’s turn. «Thanks also to Vasco – he adds – who gives spectacular concerts in my Milan, at San Siro, who I know doesn’t always have kind words towards me, but music is music, I love his pieces, he can say that about me who believes, does not change my opinion on a great artist…»he concludes.


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