Garance Authié, who is the model who bewitched Fedez

New flame for Fedez ? The rapper is spending the weekend in Monte Carlo where he attended the Monaco Grand Prix and, between nights of partying and lunches on a boat, a new blonde appears.

After the failed marriage with the blonde salad Chiara Ferragni and the turbulent nights around the city’s clubs with the blonde from Milan Ludovica Di Gresy now another golden-haired girl appears alongside the rapper.

He himself published the image on his Instagram profile where, among several videos and shots of a lunch on a yacht, the rapper lets it be known, immortalizing her, that the young and beautiful girl is also on board Guarantee Authié, first portrayed at a table with several other diners and then in a single profile shot that reveals her delicate beauty. Once off the yacht, the two were intercepted in a video relaunched online and by the paparazzi who have a lot to do on the French Riviera these days, between the automotive event that attracts the jet set to Monaco every year, and the crowd of VIPs at the Cannes Film Festival. So there was also a photo, no, even a video, a fleeting frame of the rapper with this mysterious girl, which did not go unnoticed, also because the two appeared rather complicit.

But who is Garance Authié immortalized with Fedez in Monte Carlo?

The young woman seen in a video walking along the runway with Chiara Ferragni’s ex is a twenty-year-old model, who also arrived in Monaco from Cannes, where in recent days she was involved in a fashion show. There is no detailed information about her yet, but on her Instagram profile she indicates that she lives in Paris and studies at an international university with a home base in Spain.

According to the inevitable “well informed”, the girl also spent yesterday evening with Fedez. In fact, there would also be shots that immortalize the two spending Saturday evening walking through the streets of Monte Carlo. New love or catwalk? Developments are awaited.

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