Friends 23, Gaia’s greeting to Midas deserves applause. Petit dismantles it

Friends 23, Gaia’s greeting to Midas deserves applause. Petit dismantles it
Friends 23, Gaia’s greeting to Midas deserves applause. Petit dismantles it

The experience of has reached the end credits Gaia to Friends 23. In fact, during today’s daytime, the dancer greeted all her adventure companions after her elimination during the last episode of the Evening. Aurorathe girl who replaced her due to the injury, lost in the final ballot against Sarah. The dancer from Naples dedicated special words of goodbye to everyone, including He gives me, her ex-boyfriend, demonstrating great maturity. Let’s find out all the details.

Gaia greets everyone including Midas

In today’s episode, Monday 22 April, Gaia he greeted his teammates, one by one, with great emotion for the many months spent together in the talent show Maria De Filippi. For each of them there were special words, also for He gives me. The farewell to the one who wanted to put an end to their love story came last. Many fans did not expect this gesture from the dancer but she proved to be very mature. “I’ll make a different point to you – he began Gaia turning to the singer -. I had my first relationship with you. I want to thank you too because you still gave me things regardless of how it ended. I hope you are able to overcome all the obstacles you carry within you and I hope your dreams come true. I thank you”. Words that do not smack of resentment, as much of the public expected, but of something completely different.

The discussion between Midas and Petit

Always today He gives me had a confrontation with Petit. The singer of Fire red he ended up in the first run-off but, fortunately for him, he was saved before the final run-off, which, as we know, saw the Sarah Toscano And Gaia De Martino. According to the 18 year old Roman He gives me he pretended when at the Evening he breathed a sigh of relief because he was completely aware that by singing the unreleased song he would never have made it to the final ballot. At that point, the class of ’99 born in Caracas confessed, not without showing hesitation, the intention of wanting to eliminate himself if he ended up in the run-off against Gaia. Faced with these words Petit he blurted out with a “I don’t believe it. As you are, it’s impossible: you would never have eliminated yourself”. The social media public was in favor of the idea put forward by the singer What are you doing and there are those who commented like this: “Midas left Gaia to focus on music and now he would have eliminated himself for her. Come on!!!! But who believes it.”


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