“I’m here thanks to my illness”

Harley’s battle against cancer on Affari Tuoi: “When I was having chemo I always watched Affari Tuoi”. Bitter ending for the couple who had 200 thousand euros, but changed them.

Harley from Friuli Venezia Giulia she is the competitor who played in the episode of Affari Tuoi on 22 April. Amadeus, meanwhile, is on air while his Inter team plays the Scudetto derby with Milan, but the program is obviously recorded. But that’s not the best story of the night. The best story is from Harley, who is called that because her father is a passionate Harley Davidson motorcyclist: “I’m called that for this very reason.” Accompanying Harley is her boyfriend Andrea, together for four years. Harley is fighting uterine cancer and will have to go back for surgery in a few days. His desire for life and his vitality are a manifesto for those in the same situation. His match is dedicated to all cancer patients. The first six packages to open: Puglia immediately reveals a blue color. The second package is the Aosta Valley: 10 thousand euros. For now, a blue and a red. The third package is Tuscany, number 18: 10 euros. We’re two blue straight away. Unfortunately, however, in package 19 there are 300 thousand euros. The next package, however, is another blue one. The last package before the Doctor’s first call, the 14th (Veneto), is another blue one. All things considered, a good start.

The Doctor asks if it’s a change or an offer, but the competitors give the ball to the Doctor who then leaves with an offer: 35 thousand euros. A nice offer which, however, Harley and her partner decide to refuse. The first package to open is the smallest red one: 5 thousand euros. In the second package, Campania, another blue goes away. In the third package, Sicily, unfortunately discovers 30 thousand euros. Now it’s the Doctor’s turn again: this time he chooses for the change. Harley, however, refuses the offer. Andrea reveals: “As I will do in a month, I embrace your cause.” The two are future newlyweds. This new phase of the game, however, immediately starts with 75 thousand euros. And parity between red and blue returns. The next call is to Rosanna from Molise, who as Amadeus recalls: “Either he gets them small or he gets them big.” And in fact it is small. In the last package to open, Piedmont, the competitors find another blue and can therefore look out again with confidence at the Doctor. The offer is identical to the first: 35 thousand euros. We start thinking: “We are young and we have had a devastating year. I had a serious illness that gave me great willpower and the courage to believe in myself. I take this opportunity, greeting all cancer patients, at the moment I am facing the illness, I am a cancer patient and I will be undergoing surgery soon, this gives me the strength to refuse to move forward.”


Harley then reveals that she still has cancer: “I discovered this game during chemotherapy, if it hadn’t been for the disease I wouldn’t have known this game. Today I wouldn’t be here without the disease. Anyone who has the character to overcome the challenges that life throws at you has the duty to communicate and give strength to others.” The couple loses a red of one hundred thousand euros, but keeps a red of two hundred thousand euros. The Doctor offers a change which at this point the couple accepts: he goes to take the 17th of Liguria. He doesn’t open his old package, the 4th, but opens the Abruzzo package: 50 thousand euros are gone. The final squeeze comes with two reds and two blues, one more shot and the Doctor’s offer: another 35 thousand euros. Harley feels the urge to play and can’t weigh the pros and cons. The next package, the Emilia Romagna, contains only 5 euros. The grand finale seems written.

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At this point in the game there is another shot and the Doctor asks the pair if they have an offer they would accept. Harley asks for a change and the Doctor accepts: “Harley risks it, I risk it too”, says the Doctor via Amadeus. Harley’s reasoning: “These are three important numbers. I got cancer on the 3rd and my grandmother died of the same cancer on the 4th.” Harley, however, trusts her partner Andrea, who goes for Calabria’s 3. They therefore give away the 17th but do not open the 4th, which is the package they originally had. In package 17, unfortunately, there were 200 thousand euros. “That was perhaps the only number linked to a beautiful moment”, reveals Amadeus. The game changes mood. It would have been the perfect match. In the package, however, after yet another exchange they manage to get at least 20 thousand euros.

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