the first shot as an official couple

On the occasion of a social event, Giulia De Lellis and Giano Del Bufalo confirm their relationship with the first couple shot.

Gossip lovers should now be accustomed to surprising twists just when the scenario already seems to have taken a clear and decisive shape, but Giulia De Lellis she deserves credit for being really good at serving sensational ones. When everyone thought that she was now about to announce the flashback with Andrea Damante, the Roman influencer comes out with the new boyfriend Giano Del Bufalo.

Giulia De Lellis and Giano Del Bufalo, the first couple photo

We’ve been talking insistently about his private life for weeks now Giulia De Lellismore precisely since she returned single and confirmed it in his Ig Stories and then placed likes to the historic ex Andrea Damantewhich also recently returned to the market afterwards farewell to Elisa Visari. Between sightings in broad daylight, gossip about alleged nights of love spent in the most beautiful hotels in the capital and a fistfight between the Veronese deejay and Visari’s new flame, this intriguing triangle is exciting gossip lovers.

However, a new and sensational twist arrives, already whispered by industry experts in recent days, namely that of a probable liaison between Giulia and Giano Del Bufalo, art and antiques expert and brother of the actress Diana Del Bufalo. Although initially it was thought that there was a simple friendship between them, dictated by that between the Roman influencer and the funny actress, the last photo published in Stories by De Lellis has definitely sparked the gossip. Are Giulia and Giano together or are they simply playing with the people of the web?

The answer came just over twenty-four hours ago, when the couple – exactly the couple since this photo confirms that between them it is not friendship but love – showed up at a social event organized by the Ligabue Faoundation at Palazzo Erizzo Ligabue. Among the shots of those present, where there are several well-known faces, those of Giano and Giulia with splendid matching looks and a proud look pointing towards the camera. In short, the new couple has officially come out, dividing De Lellis fans: if on the one hand, in fact, there are those who are happy to know that the Roman has finally found stability given that the farewell to Carlo Beretta was not the simplest, on the other there was an unprecedented fan base that would have wanted a flashback with Damante and is now quite disappointed.


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