everything you need to know about the next season

everything you need to know about the next season
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The fourth season of Sea Outside ended with quite a few twists, leaving some narrative threads still pending. As anticipated, the fifth season of the Neapolitan series has been confirmed and is already in production. Here’s everything we know: when it could air, possible cast and plot!

Sea Outside 5 it will be broadcast first on Rai Play and subsequently on Rai 2: a move that proved successful in terms of audiences who, in fact, confirmed the attention paid to the series. The fifth season, therefore, will arrive free to air early 2025! But who should we expect to see again?

With the end of the fourth season, some narrative cycles have also closed: some characters, therefore, will not return in the next episodes. Maria Esposito will almost certainly return to take on the role of Rosa Ricci; Massimiliano Caiazzo has now hung up his role as Carmine. Same fate for Crazy J and Kubra’s character is still in doubt. The fate of Matteo Paolillo who played Edoardo Conte is very uncertain. In short, the season finale left many scenarios open, but also the space necessary for the entry of new characters. What will the plot focus on instead?

As for the plot, unfortunately we still have no certain news on what will happen next Sea Outside 5: the series, in fact, is still in the writing phase. According to what director Ivan Silvestrini declared, however, there could be a return to the past: “The fifth season could have the task of relaunching the series, it is presumable to think that it will be a bit like the first season. A return to the purest story of crime”.

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