What do the scenes in the video game mean?

What do the scenes in the video game mean?
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After having explained the meaning of the countdown in The 3 Body Problem, we now focus on another element of fundamental importance within the narrative of the series: the mysterious video game that some of the protagonists play. Warning, spoilers will follow from now on.

The first to deal with it is Jin, who is given the strange visor that once belonged to Vera. After wearing it, the player finds herself catapulted into a virtual reality. The infamous 3-body problem is illustrated here: the home planet of the Saints is in fact located within an unstable solar system: the presence of three suns makes the fate of the planet uncertain, unpredictable (i.e. variable depending on its distance by one of the three suns) and characterized by an alternation between stable Eras, where civilization can thrive in relative tranquility, and chaotic Eras, where death and destruction reign. Virtual reality also allows humans to become aware of a particular ability of the alien population: to dehydrate during an unstable era and thus save themselves from the heat generated by one of the three suns.

The aim of the game, as revealed by the non-player characters that populate it (human-looking but, in reality, projections of the aliens themselves), is “to solve the enigma of this world”. In other words, the video game was created by the Saints with a dual purpose: to show humans the impossible problem that plagues their civilization and, at the same time, challenge them to solve it. In fact, as the levels advance, the history of the San-ti becomes progressively clearer: the video game is nothing more than a hyper-realistic demonstration of how the 3-body problem is impossible to solve, despite all the effort put in by the human player on duty (the ones being “recruited” for the game are not just any people, but highly qualified scientists, identified by the aliens with the help of the human accomplice Mark Evans). To find out how humans will try to get to the bottom of such a complex and dangerous situation, you can take a look at what (based on what Cixin Liu narrates in his novels) will probably be the plot of the second season of The Three-Body Problem.

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