Kate, the (shock) detail that reveals everything about the disease: William has something to do with it

Kate, the (shock) detail that reveals everything about the disease: William has something to do with it
Kate, the (shock) detail that reveals everything about the disease: William has something to do with it

There are new updates on Kate Middleton’s health: everything about her illness has been revealed, and William would also have something to do with it.

In recent months, there has indeed been a lot of concern about the health of the Princess of Wales. The beloved Princess was in fact admitted to emergency hospital, and the announcement was made by Buckingham Palace staff and a short time before the news of King Charles’ illness. The doctors have not released further information on the type of pathology that would have affected Middleton, although the subjects would have already made some assumptions.

How is Kate Middleton, William has something to do with it (photo: Ansa) abruzzo.cityrumors.it

A new detail about Kate Middleton’s health is now circulating online and, in these rumors, Her husband William is also involved. Here’s what’s happening.

How is Kate Middleton: the detail on the disease

As everyone knows, a few weeks ago, the Princess underwent delicate abdominal surgery. Kensington Palace immediately ruled out the possibility that she could have cancer but, at the same time, did not reveal any further details on the state of health of the future Queen of England. Millions of people therefore expressed anxiety, especially because they were unable to discover the truth about Kate’s pathology.

How is Kate Middleton (photo: Ansa) abruzzo.cityrumors.it

The long hospital stay, as well as the entire convalescence period, also fueled the concerns which is keeping her away from public commitments. This situation is made even more serious by the absence of King Charles: the sovereign is in fact undergoing treatment to defeat his tumor. All attention then shifted to them, but also to Prince William who welcomed his new private secretary, named Ian Patrick.

The eldest son of Charles III has recently affiliated with Crohn’s & Colitis UK, an organization that deals with inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and this fueled doubts among people. In fact, it is thought that Middleton may have been affected by Crohn’s disease, a pathology that affects the digestive system.

In some cases, surgery and the insertion of an intestinal pouch may become necessary. In short, there are a lot of rumours, but for the moment there is no confirmation about it. Fans continue to hope, also because Kate today represents one of the points of reference of the English and world monarchy. Her love story with William also immediately fascinated many people.

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