How much does Mara Venier earn for hosting “Domenica In”?

How much does Mara Venier earn for hosting “Domenica In”?
How much does Mara Venier earn for hosting “Domenica In”?

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Mara Venier is a television presenter and certainly one of the most respected and loved by the Italian public. There have been rumors lately that this year will be the last edition of Domenica In, but now everyone is curious to know how much Venier earns for hosting the program.

Forever, Mara Venier is a woman and a very followed presenter. Domenica in is obviously a program that has its own characteristics and no one could imagine it without “the aunt” to host it. However, it appears that this is the last year for the program which aired for the first time on 3 October 1097 on Rai1.

It could therefore be almost time for the last episode of this program that he has given away joy and company in the afternoons of Italians for 46 years. We have always found the fantastic Mara Venier in the studio welcoming us with an increasingly intriguing lineup and now everyone is curious to know his fee for hosting the program.

If you are also curious to know him, continue reading this article to discover it with us.

Mara Venier’s cachet

One of the most popular women on TV is without a doubt Mara Venier, who with her kindness and kindness has captured the hearts of many Italians who have followed her since her debut. Mara he recently celebrated his 73rd birthday and is preparing to say goodbye to one of the most iconic programs of Italian afternoons. In fact, it seems that this year’s one will be the latest edition of Domenica in.

Mara Venier at Domenica in-

It certainly came as a shock to his fans who tune in to Canale 5 every Sunday to watch her masterfully host her broadcast. However, a question hovers in the air and not everyone knows the answer. How much does Mara Venier really earn for hosting Domenica in?

The figures seem to be staggering but there is no certain information. However, it would seem that she is the “aunt” of the Italians, due to the hosting of the program which has always recorded very high audience numbers receives a sum of around 500 or 600 thousand euros.

A decidedly high figure that was agreed with the presenter for many years glues Italians to the screen every Sunday. Despite many changes, Venier has always remained on the crest of the wave recording consistently positive audience figures. As we were saying, however, the figure has not been confirmed but many are of the opinion that his fee will in any case be around that figure.

We will now see what will happen once this season ends. In fact, there are those who hope for a change of heart and may Domenica in be with us for many more Sundays. We just have to wait a while official communication from Mara Venier.

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