Alessia Marcuzzi, have you ever seen where she lives? The presenter’s house is a real dream

She is really lovely and so is her house, do you know where Alessia Maruzzi lives? The apartment of the well-known and beloved presenter is wonderful.

With its extraordinary beauty Alessia Marcuzzi she continually leaves her many fans breathless, it is truly impossible for her to go unnoticed. In front of her incredible charm and her breathtaking body, everyone was left speechless, she is truly a stunner.

For many years she has been one of the most loved and followed women in the world of entertainment and television, thanks to her incredible talent and spectacular beauty throughout her career she has achieved one success after another. The well-known presenter has been at the helm of many programs and reality shows, last year she arrived at Rai after having worked for around 25 years at Mediaset.

As she herself had explained to Mediaset she no longer felt in line with the programs they offered her, which is why she decided to say goodbye to the network, specifying however that she remained on good terms with everyone. In Rai you feel free to express yourself again, at the moment you are hosting the second edition of Boomerissima, program that she herself created and which is making her quite successful. Alessia Marcuzzi she is also very loved on social media, on her Instagram profile she now has 5.6 million followers, who only fill her with appreciation and likes.

Where does Alessia MArcuzzi live? The house of the splendid presenter is wonderful

On her Instagram profile the fantastic presenter is very active and updates her loyal and many fans daily, in whatever way she decides to show herself she always drives everyone crazy.

Alessia Marcuzzi selfie at home (Instagram @alessiamarcuzzi

Often Alessia Marcuzzi she takes selfies and highlights all her irresistible beauty and her sensuality to spare, with seductive and bewitching outfits she sends the web into a frenzy, her curves on display are crazy. She takes many photos of her at home and gives fans a glimpse of where she lives.

The house of the splendid presenter is a dream, have you ever seen it? The style is modern and elegant, what can be glimpsed from the shots he publishes has always been liked by many of his fans. The dark kitchen furniture and the light floor create a beautiful contrast. Then there is a detail that has not escaped the fans, it is a large window which, in addition to letting in a lot of light, allows you to admire the view. The bedroom and living room are also furnished in light and elegant colours. In home there is also a small gym where he can train every day and a beautiful terrace where he often relaxes.

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