Catalina and Pelayo kiss, but…

Catalina and Pelayo kiss, but…
Catalina and Pelayo kiss, but…

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Let’s discover together the Spanish Previews of La Promessa, a soap opera broadcast from Monday to Friday on Canale 5: here are the summaries of the episodes that will be broadcast soon on Canale 5!

They return Spanish previews of La Promessa with a series of interesting surprises: everyone’s eyes are on Catalina. The girl is unaware that Pelayo has teamed up with Cruz to make her leave her estate, but the two exchange a kiss that will make the young man reflect. but let’s find out together what the previews of the episode that will be broadcast soon at reveal in detail 4.40pm on Channel 5.

The Promise Spanish Previews: Pelayo’s crush Catalina

The Spanish previews of The promise and everyone’s attention will focus on Catalina. The beautiful and stubborn daughter of Alonso he will find himself in a trap set by his evil stepmother and, unfortunately, he will fall completely into it. The facts, however, may not be as they are Cruz imagine. Let’s go in order: everything begins when Manuel’s sister shows some interest in Pelayo. The girl becomes infatuated with him and confesses it to Simona and Candelabut unfortunately, this information is discovered by the terrible marquise.

The Promise Spanish Previews: Pelayo tricks Catalina

Cruz will immediately contact Pelayo and tell him about what he discovered and the two will make an agreement to ensure that Catalina leaves the estate forever. For the Marquise, her stepdaughter is a thorn in her side and she wants to get rid of her as soon as possible. CatalinaUnfortunately, she is unaware that even the boy she is falling in love with and with whom she has started collaborating for the production of jam, whose money is used to boost the economy of the Promise, is actually his enemy.

Does Pelayo have feelings for Catalina, in the Spanish previews?

Pelayo does not seem to care about Catalina as he is allied with Cruz to send her away from the estate, but events will happen that could change the situation. The boy, in fact, will discover touching details about the young woman, knowing her better than her and ending up kissing her. De Lujan will be delighted with the event and so will Pelayoin truth, he cannot be defined as indifferent to what happened. That maybe Pelayo is it changing?

The promisethe Spanish soap opera, airs Monday to Friday at 4.40pm on Channel 5.

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