“He’s sick, he can’t sing.” And the fans attack Ligabue

“He’s sick, he can’t sing.” And the fans attack Ligabue
“He’s sick, he can’t sing.” And the fans attack Ligabue

Fans’ anger erupted after that Luciano Ligabue he doesn’t show up at the concert due to a voice problem. What angered the spectators was certainly not the fact that the singer was unwell and needed to rest, but rather the very short notice. The news of flat rate of the singer-songwriter from Correggio arrived very late, at 9.30 pm, when the public had already filled the Palasport in Rome and was just waiting to enjoy the concert.

The communication arrived in delay the fans didn’t like it at all, who were quite offended, going to protest on the social pages of their beloved.

The fury of the fan

Social anger after the singer made it known that he was unable to perform. The reaction of the fans was not long in coming. “Hours of waiting in the cold. Shameful”, someone commented. It’s still: “Tonight in Rome it was shameful. All the people inside and Liga behind with the musicians. They could have at least come out to say hello! At least the musicians… they should just be ashamed” And “As a Ligabue fan (like I suppose everyone in this group) who always defends him with a drawn sword, he has no excuses. If he was ill at least let me know at 6.30pm, not at 9.10pm“.

“On the official website he announced that he has problems with his voice for a virus… he tried to fill himself with cortisone but he couldn’t do it…“, someone tried to defend him anyway. What prevailed, however, was discontent:“We faced the cold for hours and then? Nothing at all.”

Ligabue’s response

Considering the ruckus unleashed on social media, in the end the singer’s reply also arrived, who apologized to his fans, stating that he was truly very sorry. “Unfortunately, since yesterday evening I have had some problems with managing my voice due to the virus, which affects my ability to sing”explained the artist. “I tried everything to remedy it, I filled myself with cortisone until half an hour ago, I did microphone tests until 8 even though you were inside the Palaeur, I was behind making attempts to understand if there was something to save but I can’t think of having a bad concert in Rome, you don’t deserve it and I don’t deserve it either. The concert will take place later anyway. Sorry again for the inconvenience, I hug you“.

One was then decided new date for the performance in Rome, which will be on December 9th. Obviously, the tickets used last evening are valid. However, for those who do not want or are unable to attend the concert on 9 December, it will be possible to obtain a refund by 30 November.

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