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Do you know Orietta Berti’s son? This is who the son of the well-known Italian singer, often the protagonist of numerous TV programs, is and what he does.

There is no denying it, in Italy Orietta Berti is a real institution. She, the singer of Finchè la Barca Va and many other successes of the past, is also a very well-known television personality, known simply for being her, Orietta Berti. Born in ’43, the singer is the classic example of how it can be had 80 years old and not feeling them at all.

In the past she was often the protagonist of some television shows such as Buona Domenica, but also of Pomeriggio Cinque, when she was Barbara D’Urso’s court. She also took part in the GF in the 7th edition of its VIP version. The reality is that Orietta is very loved by the public.

She who not only took part in some editions of the Sanremo Festival, but lent her voice to some cash hits on the Italian music scene, which no one would have ever imagined duetting with her, such as Fedez and Achille Lauro. Their song 1000 became a real huge hit. In short, a truly multifaceted woman, who didn’t hold back even when it came to going around the world in the company of Mara Maionchi and Sandra Milo in Those good girls.

But, let’s put dear Orietta aside for a moment and focus on one of her children, Omar Paterlini. It seems that he is a character known to the public, but perhaps few people know it. That’s who it is.

Orietta Berti’s son, who he is and what he does

Orietta often spoke about her family on TV. As everyone knows, she has been married for many years to the same man, their great love, who seems to see no crisis on the horizon. Her husband, Osvaldo, has been close to her for a lifetime now and from their marriage 2 children were born, Omar and Otis. The first was born in ’75 and the second in ’80.

A very close family that of Orietta Berti, the woman seems to have transmitted the same passion for music to even the eldest of her children. He who is part of the world of music just like a mother.

Omar Paterlini – newscinema.it – Source: Web Search

Here’s what the famous singer’s son does

Omar is also famous in the world of music, in fact he works as guitarist in a band. Omar looks a lot like his mother and music runs in his blood, just like the singer of Via dei Ciclamini. You never see him on TV, simply because he is a very shy and reserved man, who tries to distinguish his private life from work.

Despite this, he has an Instagram profile which he doesn’t particularly care for. Here are just some shots in the company of her friends or some photos stolen during her performances with the electric guitar. The path taken by his brother Otis who plays basketball at a professional level is different.

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