when the campaign will start and how they will be administered

when the campaign will start and how they will be administered
when the campaign will start and how they will be administered

The Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaciasks the Regions to bring forward the anti-Covid vaccination campaign following the increase in infections. The minister sent a communication to the Regions announcing that the vaccine doses will arrive as early as next week and it is therefore necessary to “anticipate the campaign”.

Deliveries will begin on September 25th, with around one million vaccines expected. It will be necessary to understand whether it will be possible to start the administrations together with those of the flu vaccineas per the ministry’s plans, considering the tight deadlines.

Covid and flu vaccines together

Schillaci, speaking to Rtl 102.5, focuses on the two vaccines against Covid and flu: “I believe they can be done together, with two inoculations.” The updated Covid vaccine, the minister announces, should be available as early as next week and its administration is recommended for frail people, the over 60s and healthcare workers.

The vaccine, Schillaci recalls, will be free for everyone, even the categories that are not among those most at risk. The objective is to focus heavily on pharmacies and general practitioners for the administration of doses.

For Schillaci no alarmism

Schillaci also talks about the back to school and the risk of increasing infections, trying to avoid any alarmism: “It is right that children continue to go to school, so no alarmism and safety.” Precisely on the topic of school there is a discussion between the Ministries of Health and Education in progress and today “there should be the final results”, with new norms of behavior to be followed within schools.

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