Big Brother and Covid, the drama of Fiordaliso: Signorini moved

Cornflower she is happy with her experience at Big Brother 2023: the last few years have been anything but easy for the singer. During the pandemic she lost her beloved parents. “My mother was one of the first victims of Covid”Fiordaliso told in the most spied on house in Italy and then added: “The cruelest thing that could have happened to me. To me, like to many Italians, he was not allowed to accompany her on her last journey. I hadn’t seen my mother for 15 days. A nurse made a phone call to us, my mother before she died she told me ‘I’m dying’.”

Gf, Fiordaliso’s great pain: Signorini moved

“Without my mother I’m a bit lost – he continued Cornflower at Big Brotherbut I have a sister who helps me like my children. Thanks to her I was able to look after my father. He died a beautiful death, can we say? He was cared for, he felt loved, the last month he was my baby, he died in my sister’s arms at home, as he wanted and this thing relieves me a little.” Emotion on the part of Alfonso Signorini and the entire audience.

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