Where do children live best in Italy? 5 cities to discover — idealista/news

Where do children live best in Italy? 5 cities to discover — idealista/news
Where do children live best in Italy? 5 cities to discover — idealista/news

Finding the best Italian city for raising children is an important concern for many parents. There are various parameters to take into consideration to ensure the development of your children. From education to healthcare, from free time to urban safety, there are various urban centers which – according to recent research by Il Sole 24 Ore – have been able to successfully implement the services necessary to guarantee a safe and peaceful environment. Discover, then, the 5 cities where children live best in Italy.


Sondrio, located in the heart of Valtellina, offers an ideal environment for raising children thanks to its quality of life, the services available and the numerous activities that can be done as a family. Living in Sondrio means enjoying good educational offer and services for children. Sondrio has several nursery, elementary and middle schools, which are well distributed throughout the city.

Furthermore, the city offers various leisure centres and sports where children can play sports or participate in cultural and social activities, contributing to their physical and mental development. It should also be considered that the historic center of Sondrio is rich in history and culture, with museums and art galleries that often organize events and workshops for the little ones. As for the transportSondrio is well connected both internally and with nearby cities, allowing you to reach other towns in Valtellina or cities such as Milan.


Ravenna is a city that shines for its history, culture and, above all, for being an ideal place where to live in Italy with children. In second place in the ranking, living in Ravenna is therefore ideal for taking advantage of a wide range of educational services, from nursery schools to high schools. Ravenna is also home to numerous parks and public gardensideal for free time.

From a culture and leisure point of view, the city is famous for its splendid mosaics, which can be discovered through guided tours. Furthermore, the proximity to the sea offers the possibility of spending pleasant days on the beach during the warmer months. In terms of transport, trains leave from the station for Bologna, Ferrara or Rimini.


Trieste, located in the far north-east of Italy, is a city that offers an ideal environment for families. With a unique mix of culture, history and nature, living in Trieste with children is a great choice. The schools, both public and private, are well distributed throughout the city, ensuring equitable and quality access to education. Furthermore, Trieste offers variety of extracurricular activities ranging from sports to the arts, thus stimulating the integral development of children.

As for the transport, Trieste has an efficient and punctual public transport system, but enjoys numerous parks and green areas, such as the famous Miramare Park. The surroundings of Trieste, then, are rich in nature and it is possible to do trekking or outdoor activities.


Gorizia, a beautiful border city, offers a quiet and safe environment, ideal for families who wish to raise their children in a city on a human scale. Gorizia, in fact, is in fourth place in the ranking for the smallest, but in first place for cities where young people live best in Italy.

In terms of education, Gorizia stands out for the quality of its educational institutions, some of which offer teaching in Slovenian language, and for the presence of numerous cultural and educational initiatives. There are also several public libraries in the city. Living in Gorizia also means being surrounded by nature and green spaces.


Living in Udine is an ideal choice for families with children. This city not only offers a high standard of educational and healthcare services, but is also rich in cultural and recreational opportunities. The attractions in Udine are numerous and suitable for families with children. The Castle Park, for example, offers vast green spaces while the center is full of museums, monuments and interesting places.

As for the transport, Udine is well served by both an urban and interurban public transport network. The bus lines are efficient, making it easier for families to travel daily even without the need for a private car.

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