Antonella Clerici, everything is now destroyed: left homeless and without a place to sleep | The unprecedented drama

Antonella Clerici – (Instagram photo)

The situation that Clerici experienced is terrible. She had never witnessed something like this and was therefore shocked by it.

We always see her radiant, but what she went through really took a toll on her, so much so that instead of his usual smiles that we are used to seeing on television, tears fell. What she witnessed was indeed a real catastrophe.

However, it seems that she was not the only one to have experienced such a situation. Many other people were brought to their knees by this, while just as many were shocked by it. Throughout their lives they had never seen anything like it and in reality not even poor Antonella, although she has seen and done many things.

She hosted programs and wrote books and in her private sphere she became a wife, a partner and the mother of a beautiful girl. It cannot therefore be said that she hasn’t done many things in her life.

Yet he has never witnessed anything like this until now. Unfortunately now his house is gone and he no longer has a place to sleep. Life is now practically destroyed.

A storm that brought entire cities to their knees

It all happened because of the violent storm that in the previous months brought the city of Milan to its knees, causing various inconveniences and victims. Well four people died as a result of this terrible storm which with all its force also spread to the areas of Monza and Varese, unleashing chaos there too.

Flooded streets and houses, fallen trees and canceled trains. These are just some of the damages it caused and which brought both the entire city and all its inhabitants to their knees. Unfortunately She is also among those who have suffered all these hardships.

A violent rain – (photo by Canva)

His house completely flooded

Among the people who suffered very serious inconveniences due to the storm, there is also Cristina Clericithe sister of Antonella Clerici, who living in the city of Gorgonzola he experienced the whole bad story. Her house even had water dripping from the ceiling, so much so that she was forced to use pots and buckets to collect rainwater and make sure her house doesn’t flood.

In practice he experienced terrible moments, which his sister he documented from his home through Instagram stories where she was shown to be in tears over the situation. What a terrible episode they had to live through.

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