‘I have never had children’, what would be the real reason: Insinna’s declaration

‘I have never had children’, what would be the real reason: Insinna’s declaration
‘I have never had children’, what would be the real reason: Insinna’s declaration

The star of L’Eredità, Flavio Insinnarevealed years later why he didn’t become a dad. A statement, that of the host Rai, which leaves you speechless. Here’s what his past hides.

A multifaceted and tender-hearted host: who Flavio Insinna really is

He has a truly enviable career Flavio Insinna. The presenter, in fact, over the years has managed to earn the affection of the public despite a small parenthesis that, from time to time, comes back to make itself felt negative echo. We are obviously referring to that terrible outburst that Flavius ​​had in backstage Of Your business, one of the many programs hosted by him for years. That bad page in his career now seems to be more than overcome.

Thanks to The legacyFlavio managed to show everyone his professionalism is that innate ability to put the good mood. Insinna doesn’t like to concede much, however statements personal. He doesn’t like to publicize his feelings and his private life in general. But, in an interview given a while ago, he managed to break down some walls and has confessed some very personal things which left fans decidedly stunned.

Chatting heart-to-heart with a journalist from Corriere della Sera, Insinna finally revealed, without masks, the reason why he never had children.

This is why Flavio had no children

Flavio’s life was serene in childhood and adolescence: the presenter was lucky enough to have parents who have always loved him. So, of course, he is very close to his family. Unfortunately, however, he has not yet managed to have one of his own, if by family we mean gods children. the man revealed that unfortunately he often kept his job away from home. So, even with the right partner, failed to create the necessary stability so that the nest, the nucleus, is formed. Because children they grow wellit is important to give them the time and the attention they deserve: the presenter this time he didn’t have it. Bringing children into the world It doesn’t have to be a dutybut a need.

Although, from time to time, the actor felt this need, he always realized it not being able to dedicate the time to a child that he deserves. Rather than becoming an absent father and always feeling a strong sense of guilthe preferred don’t become one at all.

Never say never though: Flavio at the moment he is not single. Next to the conductor is Adriana Riccioa former competitor of his Your business. Before the curly girl, she was there in his life Maria Grazia Draganiwhich many surely know as journalist And television writer of programs Rai And Mediaset. The two were even about to to get marriedbut their relationship is suddenly interrupted.

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