What happened to Professor Francesca de l’Eredità? Here she is today after years away

What happened to Professor Francesca de l’Eredità? Here she is today after years away
What happened to Professor Francesca de l’Eredità? Here she is today after years away

Remember Francesca de The legacy? She was one of the nicest teachers in the program and she was also there at the time of Fabrizio Frizzi. Do you know what he does today after the success achieved through the broadcast? His new life it will surprise you.

What happened to Francesca from L’Eredità? Here’s what he does today

Perhaps not everyone remembers her, yet her face has long been one of the most loved The legacy. We are talking about Francesca Ficheraone of the teachers of the branded quiz show Rai, very nice and charming. Today, it is no longer part of the programbut also many loyal fans of the issue (those who have been following her since Amadeusso to speak), when they see his photo again, they will remember his parents I smiled and the funny sketches he gave to the early evening audience Rai Uno.

She’s been gone from the game show for a few years now. Now, she has one completely different life from the one she led when she was a showgirl The legacy. No one imagined that a beautiful and nice girl like her, with a career with very long prospects, could decide to abandon television.

When she left the program, in fact, Francesca said goodbyeonce and for all, to the world of entertainment. She just had 27 years old when he made this abrupt decision. The executives also insisted that it remain seen the great love that the public felt towards him, but by now the girl wanted to close and so she did.

The reason for the farewell to L’Eredità

The beautiful Francesca closed her doors with the world of entertainment when she discovered she was pregnant of her first child. When she made the announcement, there was a real celebration within the program. Everyone became very fond of her and her engaging way of doing things.

However, when Francesca found herself facing her first pregnancy, she also developed the idea of wanting to dedicate oneself totally to the child that would arrive. Fichera wanted to immerse herself totally in the role of mother.

Now that her little girl is older, the young woman could have more time to dedicate to your work. However, from what we learn, she still remains of the opinion that that world no longer interests her, for the moment. When she got pregnant for the first time found out it would be one Sissy, Emmaand it was the 2017.

The small one, two years laterHe had a little brother named Edwardborn, precisely, in 2019. Love for Filippo Volandri, the former Italian tennis player, has therefore produced two wonderful fruits. The fans’ hope, however, is still quite alive: many, in fact, hope to see her again on the small screen soon, perhaps in the role of presenter and no longer just in the guise of very good showgirl.

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