I wanted to get rid of the pretty boy image

I wanted to get rid of the pretty boy image
I wanted to get rid of the pretty boy image

“It took more than three months. I ate pasta for lunch and dinner every day, but losing them was hell”, says Edoardo Leo who embarked on a journey of artistic and physical change for his latest film I Am Not What I Am, the Roman transposition of Shakespeare’s Othello .

Edward Leo he is in the midst of his artistic activity, but having just turned 50 he aims to free himself from the image of a boy in comedies. This is why the Roman actor is facing a journey of rediscovery, a real path of change in style which is also physical. His latest work, I’m not what I am, transposition into Roman dialect of Shakespeare’s Othello set in the criminal context of Ostia, put him to the test from this point of view.

Over three months to gain weight and a year to lose it

I wanted to free myself from the pretty boy image with the broad shoulders who takes glamorous photos in the tuxedo, I wanted to disintegrate her”, Edoardo Leo tells Il Messaggero, explaining that he had gained 22 kilos to be able to step into the shoes of Iago, a modern transposition of the Shakespearean character. “It took three months and something. Gaining 22 kilos was wonderful. I ate pasta for lunch and dinner every day. A year has gone away to lose thema hell“, tells. The need for a change was strong, from a physical as well as professional point of view. “Transformation is part of my job. It’s nice to become someone else. Psychologically it was tiring and painfulbut when I saw myself again I didn’t recognize myself, so it went well.”

The need to escape the framework of comedies

All those who are inevitably successful find themselves wearing the label of being handsome and nice”, explains the actor. I don’t want to remain confined to the golden enclosure of comedies which, let’s be clear, I continue to love”, he concludes. “Woody Allen says that the public always wants to see the same things, every now and then to improve you have to have the courage to disappoint them”. With Shakespeare’s Othello he tackles the theme of feminicide, finding an artistic key to doing politics. “In 2023 so far we have reached 79 women killed, so we are experiencing an emergency”, explains the actor. “In some way I have always done this: even in the funniest comedies I have addressed themes such as work, economic crisis, personal failure.”

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