Have you ever seen Raimondo Todaro’s dancing brother? That’s two drops of water

Who is Raimondo Todaro’s brother? The beloved coach of Amici is not the only one in his family to have a passion for dancing.

Raimondo Todaro is certainly one of the most famous faces of the moment. The renowned dancer originally from Sicily made himself known thanks to his incredible talent, which allowed him to make it big on the small screen. Here Todaro he took part in various programs, first of all dancing with the Stars.

Who is Raimondo Todaro’s brother? – photo Ansa- fashionsoaptv.it

After the enormous success achieved thanks to Milly Carlucci’s program, the Sicilian dancer landed at Mediaset. Here the artist he has held the role of ad dance coach for years now Friendsthe famous talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi. Over the years, the name Raimondo Todaro has established itself as a real authority in the sector, causing a lot of talk also due to his private life.

The Amici coach has now become a public figure in all respects. This is why much of the attention is focused on Todaro’s private life. Few people know that the well-known dancer has a brother, also known for his great passion for dance. The two brothers also worked together, who is it?

Raimondo Todaro, who is your brother and what does he do?

His name is Salvatore and he is Raimondo Todaro’s brother. Only a few years separate them but what unites them is the enormous passion for dance, with which they both grew up. In fact, since they were very young, the Todaro brothers took dance lessons and even went so far as to work together. Although there is not much information about Salvatore, we know that in his life he opened a dance school together with his brother.

Raimondo Todaro and his brother Salvatore – Credits: Instagram profile photo IG @todarosalvo- fashionsoaptv.it

Just like his brother Raimondo, Salvatore also grew up in the province of Verona, where he spent much of his childhood and adolescence. Over the years the coach’s brother Friends took part in various dance competitions, some even quite important. As regards his private life, however, we only know that he has a daughter but there is no news of a possible wife or partner.

Raimondo Todaro’s name has often ended up at the center of attention, especially in the gossip columnists. The reason is his marriage with the famous colleague Francesca Tocca, also in the cast of Friends. The two have been married since 2014 and from their love a splendid little girl named Jasmine was born. The couple has experienced various ups and downs over the years, often ending up on the front pages of gossip magazines.

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