It’s Always Noon | Damiano Carrara furious: his debut was a disaster

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Damiano Carrara made his debut on Antonella Clerici’s program but things didn’t go as he hoped: the pastry chef was furious.

Beloved face of Bake Off, Damiano Carrara can now be considered one of the emerging personalities of Italian pastry making.

Beautiful, friendly and humble, the Chef was able to build a relationship of great complicity with his audience, therefore his landing on RAI was only a question of time. As happened with many other chefs before him, the opportunity to make himself known to the general Italian public came thanks to the complicity and welcome of Antonella Clerici, which in its programs has “baptized” chefs who have then built a huge reputation even outside the small screen.

Even though Damiano Carrara is now a veteran of television, the live broadcast of È Semper Mezzogiorno put him in quite a difficult situation, especially because live it is not possible to stop the recording, start again and correct errors while running.

Carrara’s nervousness was evident and even Antonella, for once, did not seem able to calm things down and return the broadcast to its usual serenity.

Damiano Carrara furious live

On the September 18th episode of È Semper Mezzogiorno Damiano Carrara was supposed to show the live show recipe for his Tiramisu. From the first moments of his speech, however, he did not seem perfectly at ease with the television times so far from his usual working hours.

The first problem occurred at the time Carrara realized that he had to speed up all the preparation steps. “Show me how I did it? Because I don’t know if in terms of timing…” the chef pointed out, struggling with his technique for bagging ladyfingers. The pastry chef even went so far as to ask the presenter if she had time to demonstrate the technique or if it would be better to directly take the tray of biscuits that she had prepared in advance for the broadcast.

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The straw that broke the camel’s back

During the demonstration it also became clear that Carrara hadn’t had time to try and become familiar with the new cuisine. The pastry chef in fact he couldn’t find the tools he needed and, as if that wasn’t enough, he was unable to calibrate the pasteurization time of the eggs with the power of the plate that they had made available to him to cook them.

“This tile is a bit slow” he commented with a kindness that actually masked his nervousness. As Damiano had already predicted from the beginning, there was no time to show the assembly of the cake step by step, so he had to settle for showing the ready-made dessert to the public from home. There’s no denying it: it could have been better!

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