Kaia Gerber “tied” for Valentino

Kaya Gerber he will also have a mother like Cindy Crawford, but don’t call her nepobaby (or, to put it in Italian, “daughter of”). Having one of the most famous and loved top models of all time as a mother may have been a plus, but if at 22 she has walked kilometers of catwalks it is only thanks to her (beautiful) legs. Fashion brands compete for both fashion shows and campaigns. He was the last one to grab it Valentine who, after having entrusted her with the first look of the summer fashion show, chose her as the protagonist of the launch of the new collection with the Black Tie campaign.

A new idea of ​​beauty

Kaia Gerber testimonial for Valentino
Kaia Gerber posing

Kaia Gerber For Valentine embodies natural beauty, simple and without frills, which does not respond to pre-established codes or fixed rules. She is young, beautiful and punk but above all with a bold personality: this is how she is portrayed in the photographer’s shots Steven Meisel, set in New York’s Oheka Castle. The ones Kaia proposes are unexpected looks, worn with a sense of rebellion and a lot of confidence. A departure from the norm and a demonstration of the power of individuality and self-expression. Sitting on the floor or with her shoes on the armchair, Gerber offers images full of charm.

With black tie

Kaia Gerber testimonial for Valentino
One of the looks from the collection

Key element of the collection Valentine it’s black tie, the ValenTie, in the past a symbol of formality and male power and now an instrument of inclusiveness and personal expression. The black tie is present in all the looks worn by Kaia Gerber: from the red one (the maison’s symbolic colour) with shorts covered in crepe roses, to the black one that plays with genders, with a masculine cut cropped blazer and long mermaid skirt. Even the little black dress is reinvented, and in shape it recalls the men’s accessory, framed by the white collar.
An accessory with a strong impact, which finds a new essence by representing its exact opposite: we saw it above Kasia Smutiniak in Venice, or up Elodie.

Not just work

Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler in Celine at the Elvis premiere at Cannes 75
Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler

Beloved and highly sought after model, Kaia Gerber he has clear ideas about his future. “I’m not going to sacrifice my life for work,” she said in a recent interview. So also make room for love: it seems that with Austin Butler have serious intentions. According to unconfirmed rumors, the actor proposed to her and she said yes. The couple prefers not to go too far and indulge in public appearances (even if when they show up they don’t contain passion). We know this, they love each other, otherwise they are tight-lipped. Kaia learned to maintain her privacy from her mother Cindy Crawford. Will we see her show in Milan?

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