Francesco Totti, there is another love in the new life of the Roma champion I Pizzicato when he didn’t expect it

Francesco Totti –

The former captain of Roma, Francesco Totti, has a new love and no one expected it. He was caught right with her…

Francesco Totti is one of the Italian footballers who has had the most success both at Italian and world level. For those who don’t remember, er kid, he won a championship with Roma (do you remember the one about Ferilli’s striptease?) and also a world title with the Italian national team.

A man who was not just a footballer, but a true symbol of Italian football. FLoyal to his city and his team, he never wanted to stop playing, even if he now enjoys his new life.

For him, football was everything, but for obvious reasons of age and also physical problems he had to stop, luckily now his son Cristian is there to try to match his father’s successes. Because the second important value in Totti’s life is his family, despite the divorce with Ilary Blasi, which lasted about a year.

And now? Now Francesco enjoys his new love, that’s who it is.

Francesco Totti’s new love

There closing of the marriage with Ilary Blasi it certainly wasn’t easy, on the contrary it affected Totti and all the Italian people who have always seen them as an example of a united and happy family. Instead, the background was very different and was told by Totti in an interview in which he openly accused his ex-wife of cheating on him.

Now Francesco has found love again together with Noemi, who is now his constant companion and with her he enjoys walks in the traffic of Rome riding what is his new love, one Yamaha scooter.

Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi on a scooter – – Source: Web Search

The scooter

Well yes, the new love of the former Roma captain is a scooter, thanks to which he can face the beastly traffic of Rome. Specifically it is one TMAX with a 500 engine and a vocation for long journeys in the saddle.

High performance for this two-wheeled vehicle, comfortable but with a sporty design, enriched, in the case of Totti with us connected TFT screen. Heated grips and extremely sophisticated technology. If you are wondering about the price, we can announce that it is not really within everyone’s reach, it is close to 13 thousand euros.

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