Where does the amazing Sophia Loren live today? Her villa looks like a 5-star hotel

The beautiful and talented Sophia Loren behind him is one long career in the world of entertainment and especially cinema. He has participated in many famous moviesas La ciociara, The gold of Naples, Yesterday, today, tomorrow And Poverty and nobility. These are just some of the most famous films in which Sophia has taken part: if we had to draw up a list of them all, the list would become very long but, in reality, there would not even be a need because the name already says it all. We also recall that, in 1991Sophia received theLifetime Achievement Oscar.
Sophia’s career is known to all, all over the world, but Where he lived And where he currently lives the beautiful actress? Let’s find out together.

Sophia Loren’s Childhood: Where Did She Live?

Sophia was born in Rome and, as a child, lived in Pozzuolialong with his mother and younger sister Maria Scicolone. Her mother decided to move there after separating from her partner Riccardo (the two had never married). Then, she moved back to Rome to audition. Also, let’s remember that Sophia is very attached to the city of Naples and who got the honorary citizenship by the mayor Louis de Magistris in the year 2016.

Sophia Loren with her sister Maria Scicolone

The fantastic home of Sophia Loren: villa Sara

In the 1960Sophia Loren became romantically involved with the film producer Carlo Ponti – died in 2007 – who, in order to fully experience his relationship with Sophia, divorce by his wife Giuliana Fiastri. The two, at first, lived near Colonna Palacein the Teatro di Marcello area, in Rome, then they moved to Villa Sarahwhich is located precisely at MarineIn the Appia Antica Park. It is a huge baroque building, developed in two buildings on two floors and located inside the park whose extension is equal to ten thousand square meters. Therefore, the villa is also surrounded by greenery and there is also a independent loft. Inside, in the fifty rooms (yes, it really is fifty rooms!) and sections of the splendid building, there are posters mosaics And frescoes, of great economic and artistic value. For all these reasons, the villa has been defined “The most beautiful house in the world”. There is also a beautiful indoor swimming pool. We also remind you that in ancient times the house was inhabited by the family of the marquises Gabrieli.

Appia Antica Park

The villa is so beautiful and charming that, in the year 1964the American magazine life he dedicated an entire service to her, in which he illustrated, with great attention to detail, how the whole interior and exterior of the building was done. In short, one description masterful and accurate.

Villa Sara - Shot of 'Life' magazine
Villa Sara – Shot of ‘Life’ magazine

Where does Sophia Loren currently live?

In the 1977Sophia and Charles they left their fantastic home (he had financial problems). So they moved to the USA, precisely in California, where they continued their careers, respectively as an actress and film producer. Then, they decided to put their luxurious villa up for sale to move once again elsewhere. This time, they went in Swissprecisely a Geneva. Currently, Sophia’s life still takes place in Geneva. Meanwhile, in 2021, villa Sara has been put up for sale to a truly mind-boggling figure: nineteen million euros!

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