Amanda Lear, the truth comes out after years: they were forced to kick her out

Amanda Lear is one of the icons of international entertainment. Her beauty, style and personality of hers have made her world famous as a model, singer, actress and host. In Italy she has worked in various television programs, conquering the public with her charm and her irony. A episode of his career however, he left a negative mark on his professional life and that is only now being revealed.

The mysterious life of Amanda Lear and the transgender case

Born in 1939 in Vietnam to a French father and Asian mother (according to some sources), or in Switzerland to an English father and Russian mother (according to others), Amanda Lear had an adventurous and mysterious life. She moved to Paris as a young man and frequented the artistic circles of the French capital. She was Salvador Dalì’s lover, David Bowie’s lover and she also became a friend of Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones.

Amanda Lear with Silvio Berlusconi

There His sexual identity has been the subject of speculation and controversy for years. Some argue that she was born a man and that she underwent sex reassignment surgery in the 1950s in Morocco. Others however deny this hypothesis and affirm that she has always been a woman. She herself played with doubt and declared that she was “an android, a being without sex”.

Amanda Lear was married for the first time in 1965 to Morgan Paur Lear, a second time in 1979 to Alain-Philippe Malagnac d’Argense de Villèle, a well-known French aristocrat and music producer. Malagnac tragically died in 2000 during a fire that broke out in the villa they owned in Provence. Subsequently, Lear had a long relationship with Manuel Casella, a model her junior by 40 years, from 2001 until 2008.

Amanda is definitely one eclectic and nonconformist woman, which has known how to reinvent itself in every era and in every field. She has released several music albums, written several books, participated in various theatrical performances, lent her voice to various animated characters and has indeed been the television face of many broadcasts, even if one episode weighs on her career.

Amanda Lear expelled as presenter: the truth emerges only today

It is about his conducting of the reality show The moleaired on Rai 2 in 2004. Amanda Lear was chosen as host of the first edition of the program, which saw VIPs struggling with rehearsals in an exotic location, with the presence of a spy among them. The format had already been a success in other countries and was shaping up to be a novelty for the Italian public.

Amanda Lear today

However, the first episode of the reality show was also the last for Amanda Lear. The presenter was replaced by Paola Perego, which took its place from the second episode onwards. The reason for this sudden change was never officially clarified, but there was talk of differences between Lear and the authors of the program, as well as a lack of affinity between the presenter and the reality genre.

Now, after almost twenty years, one of the historical authors of the program, Marco Salvati, decided to tell the truth about what happened. In an interview granted to a well-known portal, Salvati explained that the choice of Amanda Lear was suggested by Antonio Maranothen director of Rai 2, who considered her the ideal figure for the programme.

The authors, however, they soon realized that the presenter was not suitable for that type of conductingwhich required obsessive attention to detail and great empathy with competitors.

Amanda Lear
Amanda Lear

Salvati revealed that after the first episode the authors decided to oust Amanda Lear and to entrust the management to Paola Perego, who immediately proved to be more suitable for the role. Perego managed to create a feeling with the VIPs and the public, giving life to an entertaining and engaging programme. The first edition of The mole it was a success in ratings and three more followed, always with Paola Perego at the helm.

Amanda Lear, on the other hand, did not hide her disappointment at being excluded from the program and accused the authors of having treated her badly. Later, she continued her career in other fields of entertainment, but she never forgot that negative experience. Today finally light is shed on what really happened and we understand why they were forced to drive her out.

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