“I graduate in Biology on Wednesday, but my father will be at the stadium to watch the Roma final”

“I graduate in Biology on Wednesday, but my father will be at the stadium to watch the Roma final”
“I graduate in Biology on Wednesday, but my father will be at the stadium to watch the Roma final”

«My name is Marta and I would like to tell you something that is making me feel bad. On Wednesday I graduate in biology but my father won’t be at the ceremony because he told me he had found tickets for Roma’s Europa League final in Budapest. For a 60-year-old man, his daughter’s graduation comes after him, his soccer team ». It seems like a provocation heard in Zelig, a joke circulating at the university, an experience poised between incredible and bitter as told by an essay on youth unease.

And instead it is a real outlet. The outburst of Marta who chose to tell this incredible truth on a radio, during an episode of «I Lunatici» broadcast live yesterday on Radio 2. Naturally, after the words of the young graduate student, a fiery debate was unleashed divided the listeners (although it is hard to believe that someone sided with the father who prefers Magica to his daughter).

Yet the audience split in two. On the one hand, the supporters of the girl who are railed with phrases such as “But how can you put a football match in front of such an important goal for a son?”. On the other, those who didn’t feel like condemning their father: «In the end, choosing something like this isn’t necessarily synonymous with malice and selfishness, if that gentleman is a true fan, it must be understood, even mums and dads have to do things for them and not always and only for their children. Tickets for the final are almost impossible to get hold of and among the father’s fans there are those who have even proposed to their daughter to move the thesis discussion date and confessed that they would have done the same, while many have begged the father not to go. Lunar debate at the “Lunatics”, then.

For charity. It is true that on Wednesday 31 May, when Roma play against Sevilla in the Europa League final, for many Roman fans it will be one of the games of their life, to be circled in red. «A historic milestone for Mourinho’s boys, who will have the opportunity after the night in Tirana just a year later to lift another trophy» write some Giallorossi sympathizers of Marta’s father. But she will also remain circled in red in the experience of this girl who, on that day when she reaches the goal of a lifetime of study, will not have the pleasure of sharing this success with her father. He will prefer to witness the deeds of Pellegrini and his companions at the «Puskas Arena» than not listen to her daughter’s thesis, perhaps even worthy of praise, in the graduation hall of the Faculty of Biology.

The De Rossi case
Marta’s father will go to the match despite his daughter’s degree while the former Giallorossi captain will deprive himself of it for the same reason. Daniele De Rossi wrote a long joking post on Instagram a few days ago, referring to the many fans who contacted him because they were looking for a ticket for the final: «Good morning everyone… No, I don’t have tickets for the Budapest final. I can’t fix them, I can’t buy any, I have no connections and I won’t call players because I assume they will get a thousand messages a day too. Roma kindly invited me through Vito Scala and with great regret I had to refuse, but when a piece of your heart graduates you can’t miss it, there’s no final that holds. Be good, please.”

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