Gene Gnocchi, life ‘interrupted’ without warning: he lost everything

Gene Gnocchi –

Bad news for Gene Gnocchi. He left viewers speechless Intercom Rai 2 by Simona Ventura and Paola Perego. Here’s what she said.

Born in Fidenza on March 1, 1955, Gene Gnocchi graduated in Law at the University of Parma, but then later devoted himself to completely different things. He made his debut in the eighties on the stage of Zelig of Milan and he has since become a celebrity. He was also invited to the studio of Maurizio Costanzo Show and in the same period he was a guest at the Game of 9 Of Raymond Vianello.

He led Jokes aside with Teo Teocoli, after which he also cultivated a passion for acting in the theater. They can be mentioned in his curriculum vitae Music Farm, Sanremo Festival, Those who football, Sports Sundays and Fourth Republic. He is also an author of books that embrace other genres and not just the comic one.

Not everyone knows that he had a career as a footballer in the past C series. As if that weren’t enough recently he was a contestant of the latest edition of Big Brother VIP 7. He managed to stay in the game for many weeks, since has been able to create compelling dynamics. At one point the circle closed, so viewers reluctantly had to eliminate him.

These days has been in connection with the study of Intercom Rai 2 and got to talk to the presenters about what is happening in Emilia Romagna. Here are the words that have touched the hearts of Italians.

Gene Gnocchi’s heartbreaking story

Every day Italy is informed of how the operation is progressing by volunteers and experts. Unfortunately Emilia Romagna is dealing with mud, floods and landslides. Luckily the water is slowly withdrawing from Faenza, Forlì and Cesena. The situation in Ravenna is critical where over 3000 buildings were affected.

In Faenza there are many volunteers already active in the field while others are still arriving. Right there Gnocchi has affections, of which he spoke with tears in his eyes. He also mentioned his wife and her heroic deed.

Gene Gnocchi in connection –

“We had some damage”

“I have friends in Faenza who have lost everything…Give us a hand…We have been displaced, I must say thanks to my wife who had the coolness to recover the girls and take them away. I was in Rome, here came the report that the nearby neighborhood was flooding, she took the girls and brought them to safety by their grandparents.

Then he continued: “Luckily the water stopped and we had some damage compared to the other laughable ones. Crazy fearfaced with something like this you are in the position of having to save your children”. A touching story that moved many viewers, probably to the point of inducing them to make a further financial contribution.

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