Can Yaman has a new girlfriend? That’s who he is, raving fans

Can Yaman has a new girlfriend? Here’s who is the well-known actress who would have conquered the heart of the handsome actor.

Internationally renowned Turkish actor Can Yaman spends a lot of his time in Italy. After having obtained the title of sex symbol in his country thanks to the interpretation of some fiction, Yaman has also conquered the Italian public. He recently starred in Purple like the sea where he starred alongside Francesca Chillemi. The fiction was quite successful and a second season is planned.

Can Yaman has a new love-photo Ansa-

Besides that he conquered the scenes Can Yaman is often the protagonist of gossip. On several occasions, several flirtations have been attributed to him, some of which have turned out to be soap bubbles. In the past, the Turkish actor has been linked to Diletta Leotta, the two seemed very united even if someone spoke of a frame created to appease the rumors. The journalist also traveled to Turkey to meet Yaman’s family, but then the relationship ended. Today the interpreter of Daydreamers spends a lot of time in Italy and apparently would have a new love.

Do you know who is the actress who would have conquered the heart of the handsome Turkish actor? The rumors dates back to a year ago and it concerns one of the protagonists of Ladies Paradise. Francesca Del Fa, interpreter of Irene Cipriani, would be very close to the artist. The two would have met at an event and a special understanding would have been triggered. So some magazines reported. Gossip today have been denied by the actress herself, who after much talking she decided to clarify.

Are Can Yaman and Francesca Del Fa a couple? The truth

Are Can Yaman and Francesca Del Fa a couple? Is there really any tender between them? And if the Turkish actor is used to gossip the interpreter de Ladies Paradise she is less predisposed to talk a lot. For this you have released some statements to the weekly More TV to which he explained how things really are with the artist.

Can Yaman cinema event – photo by

Francesca explained that last summer she took part in an event with Roberto Farnesi, but the latter arrived late. Seeing her alone some actors, including Yaman, they invited her to stay with them and there the misunderstanding was born: “A simple photo taken during a dinner, where we were close, it caused an uproar, but between me and Can there was nothing romantic. Only a sympathy was born, a friendship”. Mystery revealed?

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