Måneskin in concert on the Cerveteri seafront • Third Track News

Måneskin in concert on the Cerveteri seafront • Third Track News
Måneskin in concert on the Cerveteri seafront • Third Track News

Campo di Mare is already “out of his mind”, Gubetti: “They can carry over 50 thousand people”

The news is one that makes your legs shake: after Jovanotti, the Lungomare dei Navigatori Etruschi in Cerveteri is ready to host the concert of an extraordinary band: the Maneskin!

Exclusive news, which Terzobinario is able to give an absolute preview: the rock group that is depopulating all over the world led by Damiano, will be in concert on the Lungomare dei Navigatori Etruschi.

Confirmation came last night: a historic agreement that saw the council of Elena Gubetti, mayor of Cerveteri, and the former mayor of Cerveteri Alessio Pascucci work in depth.

Intercepted in the very early hours of this morning, the mayor Elena Gubetti declared: “Now we can finally announce it, the Maneskin will be in concert in Cerveteri.

In recent weeks, in great secrecy, we managed to make an inspection of the group’s production and even the members themselves were enthusiastic about how well our beach is prepared to organize a concert that promises to bring over 50,000 people to the Lungomare.

Obviously we can only be happy that these great artists have chosen Cerveteri for this extraordinary date, the only one in all of Italy to take place right on the sea”.

“Alessio Pascucci, former Mayor of Cerveteri but supporter in 2019 of the organization of the first major event in history on the seafront of the Etruscan Navigators, was also euphoric, when he “snatched” it from Grando and brought Jovanotti from Ladispoli to Cerveteri not once, but twice, with an encore that took place last year: “These were months of close negotiations, the Maneskin entourage was impressed by how Cerveteri was able to host Jovanotti’s two dates last year.

I won’t deny you that as soon as the opportunity to hold a concert by this extraordinary band on the Lungomare dei Navigatori Etruschi was feared, there was a great desire to announce it to everyone, but for contractual reasons we had to resist and keep everything secret. It will be a great party, for two evenings, in Campo di Mare, on the Etruscan beach, where Jovanotti has started a new Era, we will all be ‘out of our minds’!”.

Warning: if you’ve come this far, you’ve no doubt been dreaming for a few minutes. It’s a nice April fool’s joke, but dreaming is free.

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