Aurora Ramazzotti gave birth: her son Cesare was born

Aurora Ramazzotti gave birth: her son Cesare was born
Aurora Ramazzotti gave birth: her son Cesare was born

Aurora Ramazzotti she became a mother. She announced it herself on Instagram, through a post in which she shares the first photos from the clinic. The name chosen for the little one is Cesare. The caption reads a tender “Bff”: it means “best friends forever” and says a lot about the happiness of the young family.

The first post from the clinic

Aurora and her partner Goffredo have been a couple for over five years. In recent months, the announcement of the pregnancy (through a very tender video), kept hidden for the first few months, as usual, then the gender reveal party, organized by her friend Sarah Daniel, daughter of the singer Pino. Already over the moon Michelle Hunzikernow a grandmother, who immediately shared her reaction on social media: “Along with the birth of my daughters, it’s the best day of my life.”

Aurora Ramazzotti and motherhood: “I had a hard time managing the pregnancy”

by Andrea Pastoli

March 15, 2023

Grandparents Michelle and Eros

The absolute protagonists of this pregnancy were the young grandparents. Eros Ramazzotti And Michelle Hunziker have expressed all their happiness for this new role. In one of the episodes of the broadcast Michelle Impossible they recreated the trio and the presenter was moved to see father and daughter duet on the notes of Lucio Battisti, Time to die. On that occasion, the two had joked about the story of the announcement of the pregnancy: “I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you something that I have never found the time and the right way to tell you – Aurora joked – I am expecting a baby”. Smiling, Ramazzotti replied: “You are a force of nature, a rock, I’m really proud of you for this”.

Ramazzotti and Hunziker grandparents. Happy he sings in the street: “I look like Fiorello”

A couple of months ago the happiness of the future grandparents was sealed by a song on the street with the musician who sang The best thing, the song dedicated to Michelle that takes on another meaning. To a lady who asked him if the baby was born, he replied: “No, but she’s a boy!”. Aware of the over the top tone, he said to himself: “I look like Fiorello”. Also during his show, Hunziker had asked Eros: “Ready to become a grandfather?”, “Very ready” retorted Eros. Aurora also told of the moment in which she revealed to her father that she was pregnant, now several months ago: “I will never forget your reaction this summer – she said – I took a T-shirt with “grandfather loading” written and he reacted fainting”.

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