«Those born in 2000 are all tr**e». She is stormy

«Those born in 2000 are all tr**e». She is stormy
«Those born in 2000 are all tr**e». She is stormy

«I have had three children with 34-year-old women, but my idea is that a girl has the intelligence to have a child between the ages of 18 and 20. Then, when she’s 35, she gets rid of her husband! If she, on the other hand, has children too far ahead, she becomes an old lady, a witch». Vittorio Sgarbi never denies himself. On the occasion of Father’s Day, the art critic is a guest of Mara Venier on Domenica In to talk about her role as father. And he does it in her own way, making the presenter smile several times, and embarrassing her too. «I would try to avoid becoming a grandfather… My daughters could become lesbians! On the other hand, today there is nothing bad about that, everything is fluid».

Pupo on Domenica In: «I started gambling for my father. I was deep in debt and wanted to get it over with. A lorry saved me from suicide”

Vittorio Sgarbi on Domenica In, the interview with his daughters

In 1988 Vittorio Sgarbi became the father for the first time of Carlo, born from the union with his ex-wife Patrizia Brenner, a fashion designer who died in 2002. With the eldest son, the politician and television face had no relationship whatsoever, apart from the economic one (the critic supported his son with monthly checks), so much so that the boy chose to keep his mother’s surname. Then, there is Alba (born in 1998) was born from a relationship with an Albanian opera singer, named Kozeta, whom the politician met during a concert in the Chamber of Deputies and with whom he fell in love; they spent only one night together because the woman was already married but what was supposed to be just a night of love made Sgarbi a father for the first time. Evelina (born in 1999) is the second daughter of Vittorio Sgarbi, the well-known art critic told on television about her birth: «The last daughter, Evelina, was born because her mother had an impotent husband and she benefited from the relationship with me».

Evelina Sgarbi, age, mother, boyfriend, what she does: this is who Vittorio Sgarbi’s “pestiferous” daughter is, guest on Domenica In

The role of father-non-father of Sgarbi

“I’m not a father, I’m a parent. I am not a father who gives orders and my children have grown up well because they are free». Evelina and Alba are the daughters of the art critic and politician Vittorio Sgarbi and on Sunday 19 March 2023 they will be guests together with their father at Domenica In. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Mara Venier interviewed the two girls and asked them how the relationship with the father.

«He is a sweet dad and always present. I am proud to be his daughter »says Alba. Evelina echoes her: “it makes a big show but it’s there when it’s needed”. Then Mara Venier gives Sgarbi a quiz to find out how well she knows her daughters.

Alba Sgarbi, age, mother, sister: who is Vittorio Sgarbi’s eldest daughter, guest on Domenica In

The gaffe

When was Evelina born? Silence in the studio. «I have no idea of ​​the dates, when it’s their birthday they call me and ask me for a gift. I don’t know their birthday and when they were born, I have no idea of ​​the dates! But they still have time to enter the convent, rather than find those tomboys useless… Do what you want, it’s enough for me not to know anything!», said the art critic.». Thus the critic addresses the youngest: «What year are you? 1999, right?». The girl, embarrassed, replies: «No, I’m from 2000…». At that point, the politician concluded: «Are you from 2000? You have to be careful then…». So Sgarbi recounts, without filters, the thought that one of his former assistants shared with him. In particular, the guest stated: «There was an assistant of mine who said that those born in 2000 are all bitches!». After returning from advertising, Mara Venier tells the guest about the rain of criticisms that came after his “joke”, and he replies: «I’m sorry, it wasn’t my joke».

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